Ride To Party

It’s my birthday, so:



This will be a point-to-point ride, with the points being places to stop and have one drink, before continuing on.
Preferably people’s houses, so if anyone lives close to the city and would like to offer their house as a point, please step forward.
The end point will be my place in Richmond, and there will be a certain amount of drink supplied, and lots of awesome times to be had.
I hope some of you can make it - it’d make my day!

I like partying and drinking yo, I’'ll possibly be there to drink yourbooze.
I’ll bring you some drinks or something

can anyone attend?

If the answer was no, you would be a darn fool to post it on a public forum…

The answer is yes, definitely. Just as long as you don’t have the intention of smashing all of my windows or stealing my house’s crap.

sounds delicious

This sounds pretty sweet. I’m leaving for Golden Plains at like 4am Saturday morning, but I’ll probably be up for a ride anyway; let’s call it a tentative yes from me.

I’m interested. My place is near the city centre and can be used for a checkpoint.

Can I come? Just back from overseas and want to meet someone interesting to ride with

I love riding!

Me too. Rule five.
Btw: how are you getting to GP? I think I’ll be taking the bus.

I’d love you to come along. We’re (mostly) good people. :slight_smile:

I’m also interested. My place is on royal parade and can be totally used for a checkpoint too…

Aww fuck my gf’s having a thing this night. I’d have loved to get smashed and pass out on someones couch

yay this is evolving nicely!

It is indeed.

To the people that suggested their houses, I thank you dearly, and I’ll be in touch.

so what will we be drinking? beers/shots/goon sacks?

hang on a minute… you’re inviting people to your party on the internet? didn’t today tonight warn you about this?

you know corey worthington is probably going to turn up, don’t you?

That’s probably a good thing, he brings the ruckus.

Someone has to