riding in jeans

I face several problems in the jean department.
My waist is shrinking.
My thighs are growing
My jeans are wearing out at the crotch from riding

So my pants are too loose around the waste and not big enough around the thighs. I’ve decided there isn’t much point in trying to find jeans that actually fit and figure it’s worth buying jeans that are bigger and getting them tailored.

Does anyone have a tailor in melbourne (preferably north melbourne, city or inner city) they can recommend? I’m interested in someone who’ll do a great job as I plan on taking heaps more stuff to them.

Is there a way to reinforce the crotchal area to slow the rate at which they wear out? I’d rather do that than try and have it repaired once there’s already a gaping hole that the tip of my saddle keeps getting caught on.

Are there brand of jeans that are smaller in the hips and larger around the thighs?

I go to Target or Kmart.

They’ve got a few baggy models. Quite hard to find the baggy ones these days since skinny tight jeans are the in thing. But it means that the ones that you do find are usually on offer since they aren’t as popular. Don’t quite have a problem with the crotch wearing out but that could be because I usually get jeans that use thicker material.


I’ve worn out the crotch in two pairs of jeans and I barely ride in them. Only if I’m heading out after work or nicking over to the supermarket, pub on the weekend

i’ve never had the crotch wear out, and i only ride in jeans. the only way they wear out is by getting holes in them from falling off.
i’m not sure you’re going to have much luck with tailoring jeans. they’re a fairly complex clothing thing. might have more luck modding trousers or just buy purpose made casual bike clothes.

OR (cool idea)

maybe you should start a denim label for professional track and road cyclists.

Note To Self: Making Your Jeans Come True.

i ride pretty much exclusively in jeans or cut offs.

have had one pair wear out at the crotch, i still rode in them until it got to that point where my weiner would’ve hung out if i was rocking some comando-styles action.

if you’re buying jeans mainly for riding, just go to a thrift store. i picked up 2 pairs of levis for a total of 20 bux last week.

Jean West - Easy fit - Big in the thighs, smaller in the waist - 2 pairs for ~$109.

(Yeah, I used to work for them)

“i still rode in them until it got to that point where my weiner would’ve hung out if i was rocking some comando-styles action.”

obligatory “your weiner isnt big enough to hang out of anything” remark.

i presented a denim head mate of mine with my problem of slowly wearing out the crotch material and he came back to me with the ‘solution’ of using acetone on the denim and apparently it toughens them up.

I’m not too sure how this would work as i havnt gotten around to trying it.

I have found that i have killed 2 pairs of non-stretch denim and my jeans with a tiny bit of give in them have been ok.

Lee L2’s are pretty good. and my wrangler stretch ones are still going strong even though i cut them into shorts.

I definately find denim with that little bit of stretch is way more comfy to ride in.

i was about to add this link in here.
i had a pair of jeans made by note to self a month or two ago as i have the worlds longest legs. i took a pair of jeans in that i loved, but didnt have long enough legs for my liking.
i came away with a pair of jeans that fitted better than my ‘sample’ i took to him (in the waist and legs) and also they were long enough for my legs.
the denim i got them made from has a tiny bit of stretch and becomes SSSSOOOOO soft after the initial week or so of wearing them.

and for quoted prices of $250-to$350 as per the website, how can you go wrong?!

Awesome guy, great skater, doesn’t mind riding his fixed either. Sure, the jeans could be viewed as expensive, but you can pay that much for run of the mill “designer” jeans, that aren’t custom fit.

Long live Note To Self.

does that mean he’s based in radelaide?

Nope, ex-Radelaidean. Based in Melbourne… friends with the guy with Bianchi with the Spinergy (don’t hold that against him though).

^^works out of bourke st. right next to the carlton club.

ill refer him to this thread this afternoon when i drop in there. i have to get a hole in my jeans repaired. (CLIMBING OVER A FENCE INCIDENT!!)

Hey Chromeo, I know a really good jeans tailor/repair in Colin Street, Melbourne. Shall find you the exact address after my exam on sat.

Regarding of the reinforced crotch u can sew a piece of leather and break them in while at it, but at the start they will be super uncomfortable. But I know this jeans tailor in NZ call Ande Whall he made jeans with reinforced lining/backing with nylon material inside the jeans, i heard they r super durable comparing to jeans like Levis 501xx.

Also they used to do 15oz jap raw denim (rigid as f@#k) but I dunno what he use now.

Here is his website…shoot him an email…Super Nice guy.


Yeah, I was going to mention that, but didn’t want to give away his hiding spot…

Tell him Jolan says hi when you see him.

HANDS DOWN the best miracle worker denim tailor in Melbourne are the Russians on the corner of Lonsdale and Russell. Amazing. I’ve had about 10 pairs of Nudies bought back from the dead. AAAAA+ Ebayer Highly Recommended.

tell us more about these russians. i’ve got some nudies that need help.

One days like today, 10 or 11 hours in wet jeans would suck totally :frowning:

The business man in me always thought a good cycling brand of jeans would go down a treat - re-enforcements where needed, simple, good quality, decent price…