riding in jeans

I subscribed to a site that offers russian nudies and they stole my credit card info, what should i do.

These guys will help you with your Russian Nudies.

If you’d rather ride in 3/4 pants, Portland are having a SALE.


Hi fashionistas

Don’t know if this will help:

If you’re making cutoff jeans, take the bits you’ve cut off:

|| |
|| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |

o-o-o-< _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

|| |
||_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ x _ _ _ _
|| x |
|| _ _ _ _ _ _ x _ _ _ _ |

o-o-o-< _ _ _ _ _ _ x _ _ _ _

|| x |
||_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ x _ _ _ _ |
x chop cop

Slice these leggy bits open so they go flat.

Use one as a top tube cover (ha!) or as a top-shelf chain cleaning rag

and sew the other into the arse/crotch of your new cutoffs (on the inside) to help with the wear.

For bonus points, sew a shoe insole in between them. Anti-odour padding!

… or get the russians to do it … or that hong kong tailor who works out of that lane off the south end of Ewing St in Brunswick … or whatever …

initiative 101

i reckon they look more like 501s

boOm bOoM

a friend at work just had some jeans repaired by the russians this week and is more than happy with their results.
i referred him to them after reading this thread.

I told you they were good. They’re the tailor that both Nudie and Diesel use here in Melbourne for alterations/repairs.

They’re my official Nudie repairer. I think I’ve had my fav pair of Slim Jims that I ride in repaired over 20 times due to ripped crotch or trashed knees from binning it on the way home from the pub loose on the fixie (usually tyring to do madison slings with my mates). They look amazing now.

Good times.

While on the subject …

Day-glo / High visibility pants

any colour you like as long as it’s orange!

Seconds. $5 a pair. Not all sizes available. That’s cheaper than inner tubes.

More information available at :


Brotherhood of St Laurence
109 Brunswick Rd Brunswick
(N side of Brunswick Rd just W from the intersection of Brunswick Rd and Lygon St Brunswick)

Also: They have lots and lots of socks.

Yeah, a woman’s cut, but you’re probably wearing them already.

The problem is my sister wants hers back…

+1. just got my cheap mondays back from them, and they’re nearly as good as new. 2 crotch holes (or, as i like to call them, nut windows) repaired for $35 ain’t bad either.

$17.50 per ball… good value!

I should give the russians a try. I had to ride home last week with my arse hanging out cause I snagged my jeans on the seat :confused:

Geeze, I should get a cut from the Ruskis. I hope I get a good deal on the next blow out at least.

These lady’s once again AMAZE me!

5 leg repairs and 3 nut windows repaired of my fully blown Nudies for $55.



AAAA+++ rated

jeans are good and all but i highly recomend riding in dickies shorts (or pants trusting you dont mind rolling a leg up). comfortable, strong, relible and look good, stain release too, grease comes off in one wash. only sets ya back 80 - 90 depending on where you go.


+1 to putting additionally denim inside the crotch of your jeans. Only sure fire way of delaying wearing through your jeans in that area is to add more material…

even if you don’t shorten your jeans when you get them (as demo’d by the pretty pictures above) any decent tailor should have denim kicking about to make you a ‘saddle’ (technical term)…



reinforcement on the INSIDE is the key, especially for the larger-thighed gent. Most pants that go in the crotch do so not from rubbing against whatever you sit on but from rubbing against your manky crotchal skin.