riding in jeans

d00d, i just lost my shit…

How I miss ArrDev.

i know its been said a million times, but: movie on the way.


say go bye to these michael cause its the last time you’ll ever see them…

they’re crooked!

Or eGay for about $50. Without blowing a wad on the new Outlier, hipster, space fabric ones, you can’t beat em !.

Am I the only person that thinks riding in jeans is really uncomfortable?


I’d say more than half of my fixed riding is in jeans though, to and from work etc.

I hate riding in jeans, most uncomfortable shit ever, only done it couple of times.

but i dont like pants anyway. so im kind of bias

but i dont like pants anyway.


If im feeling sexy.

surely the correct choice of underwear would play a big part in riding comfort

If im feeling sexy.

Nice pins.

CraigC’s back on the block I see… :wink:

+1 there.

Cut off skinnies from JayJay’s. Cheap, never snag on your saddle and plenty of stretch. Like wearing lycra only not as roadie.

Call me sensible and boring, but I find cotton loose-fitting shorts to be quite comfortable.
Riding in jeans is possibly the most uncomfortable piece of clothing to choose when cycling- why would you do it, I don’t understand?
Ah, of course, because then your Kryptonite belt and lock looks silly… :stuck_out_tongue:

How loose?