Riding Like A maniac In Traffic WTF

Seems to be a common theme in online vids including running red lights and hanging onto cars etc.
This is not accpeted here or is it?

I don’t think there’s much of an audience for videos of people riding along obeying traffic laws.

:smiley: true but is it commonplace in Brisbane


holding onto the side of buses was cool in 2008.
it appeared in about 75percent of new track bike videos.

Was that the original link you posted? It doesn’t answer anything :lol: :lol:

is hanging onto cars illegal?! I’m sure its not safe, but I didnt know it was legislated against

AHHHHHHHHHHHH that video made my head hurt.

I think “they” call it “reckless riding”

Not to brag…

But I hitched a lift on the rear air-intake on a Ferrari 360 spider one day up Eagle St. :smiley:

yes. this thread is stupid, that video is awesome

Holy crap!

Autotune vocals and “screamo” screams?

My god. I don’t know whether thats the best video I have ever seen, or the worst.

#crabcore the future is here…

^ how is this thread stupid?

according to this forum (I know you’ll all correct me if I’m wrong)

riding without front brakes = stupid
riding without foot clips/straps = stupid
learning to do a skid = stupid
doing a skid = partially stupid
asking someone to do a skid = encouraged
hanging onto moving cars/trucks/buses = encourgaed
running red lights = encouraged
not following road rules = stupid

It doesn’t add up.

forum is not a coherent entity, it’s made up of individuals with different opinions. there is no ‘party line’. you will have to make up your own mind who you want to listen to, but there are no factions here, just people who ride.

what about the XedgeX faction? we count!

i thought you were an anarchist. can you still be in an xedge faction?

do what you want. some people run lights in a “responsible manner”, ie, assessing the risk, and treating it like a stop sign… however sometimes it can be done in a wreckless manner… ie. mashsf style… “no time to stop bru… must do mad skidz insted”

Some say that running red’s can infact increase one’s safety on the road as you get ahead of the traffic (including myself), and there’s even research that has been done that proves this… (cbb finding links) but according to the research, female riders had a greater risk of getting into accidents because they tended to obey the rules more, hence got caught up with traffic etc. after all this… you also gota think about cycling’s reputation, if ppl keep getting caught up by wreckless riding, cops will crack down on it more and you may not have as much fun…

all in moderation :slight_smile:

found the link: The Times & The Sunday Times
a little OT but may still apply in some contexts…

Because you’re expecting a consensus from a group of people with different opinions.