Riding shorts (not nics) recommendations please

Smart casual shorts to ride to work in before I get changed into work clothing please?






I have been running a pair of the Panache shorts for years now and only just had the pockets re-stiched. Love so much I pre-ordered another pair in blue… due to land end of the month :wink:

Chrome union
I bought these recently, super rad, light, water runs off, strechy and work well over knicks

I can’t fault my two pairs of Creux shorts, have been good for 2+ years of commuting, all weather conditions.


Creux lopro shorts over here. Previously had the heavier denim ones for 2 years. And the slate shorts for 6 months after that. All faultless.

On-sold the denim and slate cos i lost weight. Both still going strong with their new owners.


This where you tell me to use the ‘search option’ next time Noob right?
Sorry I didn’t do it earlier

+1 on Chrome shorts. Best quality I’ve had. 3+ years of riding and only one crotch blowout.

love my chrome unions too

I’ve got some Cruex chino shorts that are mildly uncomfortable (depending on underwear selection) but very functional.

Not at all, I think it’s good to get updates on what people are rocking. I just thought there might be some more options in the previous thread.


I just wear whatever reasonably snug-fitting shorts I have lying around. Used to wear Dickies for commuting, but found snugger ones to be better.
Current go-tos are some generic department store shorts that are hand-me-downs from my 18 year old nephew. Never have an issue with them or my arse, but then I’m sensible enough to commute on a B17.

On stevens recommendation I got some hard yakka drill shorts which I am 90% sure are going to outlive me.
Also someone told me that they look cute

We don’t all have beautiful flow like you do, mate.

I can’t believe how quick that flow has grown.

They weren’t talking about your shorts.