rims for bikepacking wheels

Hi guys,

Getting a new set of wheels built up and just wondering if anyone here has any experience with using WTB i25 Frequency rims?

So yeah I need a strong rim for bikepacking and general trail riding. With a loaded bike rider weight would be 100kg thereabouts. I’m tossing up between these, Stans Flow EX or Easton ARC rims. Have used Flows on other bikes and been pleased with them, and hear rave reviews about ARCs. Just wondering if the quality and durabilty of the WTB rims is comparable as they’re quite a bit cheaper and only a little bit heavier than the Flows.

Also anyone have any opinions on building wheels with pro-lock nipples?

Thanks in advance,

I’m very happy with the Flows so far on my Moth. Don’t have experience with the others but briefly looked at the ARCs before settling on the Flow when I was building them up, they look good.

Got wtbs i23s on my dualie and been very happy with them so far, have taken a fair beating and are still fine. Also have a i19 on a dyno wheel for my soma, hasn’t had a heap of kms on it yet though.

I’d go the the i25’s or even the i29’s or the stans.

I have a velocity Blunt SS on the front (26mm internal) of my rawland now and the the tyre footprint is much better.

Trying to find a wider rim that will lace onto my 240 rear without buying new spokes.

I’ve got an i19 on the rear of the Elephant and it’s a very solid wheel. Have about 4000km of road and rough stuff and I haven’t had to to touch it. From what I can tell the construction is the same across the i23 etc.

I’m running Blunt 35’s on my disc trucker. They build up like every other velocity rim I’ve used (not as easy or as good as hplusson or stans). Great looking rim and really make the most of bigger tyres.

Cheers for the replies fellas.

Looks like I’ll give the i25s a shot - churrr