River City Rollers

i found a link to gavin bannerman’s flickr here

Top 10

19:816 - Edward Van Hooff (round 3)
20:301 - Red (round 4)
20:305 - Edward Van Hooff (round 4)
20:817 - Edward Van Hooff (round 2)
21:310 - Edward Van Hooff (round 1)
21:554 - Jeremy Mccann (round 3)
21:557 - Red (round 1)
21:566 - Julian Roney (round 3)
21:805 - Todd Mcgaw (round 1)
21:822 - Jeremy Mccann (round 1)

The reality of running a roller race, elimination brackets and spread sheets. Wearing a picture of a Voiture Balai, to celebrating its 100 year anniversary and reminding everyone who stays behind to sweep up.

It was such a pleasure to see so many people want to race. I am sorry to those I had to turn away, but with only two rollers there was no way we could accommodate more in the time we had.

I will be working on improvements to the formula for future events and I welcome your feed back. I would love to see more female riders as I regret I had to run Mia and Erin in a mixed bracket. A special thank you to you both.

thanks for a fun night.
had a killer first roller experience

We have a range of exciting venues lined up for the next round of roller races, the first of which is Fifth Battery.

They will be hosting Rolling Pitchers a roller race along side a barista competition at 2pm Saturday the 26th at 23 Warry Street, Fortitude Valley .

Registration is essential this time around as number are limited.

New poster attached, look out for these in the coming days.

Nice to see Mia and Erin riding at all - in the name of lowering the bar way low for any intimidated female riders, I’m up for it…

Please, more female riders, so we can run a exclusive bracket.

I know Red intends on entering with his vagina

thought you said you already registered? must i do everything? such a lazy vagina i have

holy fucking shit YouTube - Paura a Manchester: che caduta nel kierin!


awang gets a massive fuck off splinter in his leg, gets up and finishes third


Registration is still open for this Saturdays event, I promise no one will leave with a splinter in their leg.

it’s this saturday? wac.

where did february go, indeed.

Look out for the new poster around Brisbane, I’ll also have some for you to take home on Saturday.

i might have to sit this one out. so if ur short on open slots and someone else wants in then give them my spot. ill still come down and watch if not racing

Look forward to seeing you there ether way Red.

Photos of the grand prize courtesy of Rapha attached. I also have superb bib shorts shorts (which my colleague refused to model), cycling cap and socks. As well as t-shirt and cap from Grand Scheme.

Thank you all for participating. You can find the results of the event here.

It was well covered, I’ll do my best to aggregate the media here. In the mean time these are two images from my collection;

[video=vimeo; 20432812]http://vimeo.com/20432812[/video]

Thank you David.

Great video!