River City Rollers

Our next event is to be held from 4pm Saturday the 16th at Brew, Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane City.

We have lots of Knog products to give away, as well as some stuff from Domestique

If you’d like to ride, please register via e-mail. We welcome everyone and there is no experience required.

On prollyisnotprobbably River City Rollers (Prolly Is Not Probably)

Just a reminder to those riding this Saturday, that registration insures we can start racing much sooner.

I totally piked last time, by getting intimidated - if there was anyone else feeling a bit shy, I’ll be coming with a friend this time and would be happy to meet up beforehand if you’re looking for company!

Do come girls, was a bit disappointing by your representation last time (0). Just do it, I was asking Justine from Posto about it today and she said: ‘Maybe if other girls doing it…’. There are quite some female (fixed) riders here nowadays, if there are enough of you we’ll do a special comp for you! Please register via e-mail at River City Rollers

I’ve asked a few women to come along - but I’m not sure how many will feel comfortable to register in advance, a few want to come and see what it’s like first… Fingers crossed!

Ladies and gents: don’t forget, this Saturday, River City Rollers house party!!! Bring all your friends, enemies and former track world champs for cheap beers and some action. Please register.
Gear Brisbane

cheers lads, good night, sorry for the early departure, i needed to go home and have a spew. thanks Erik/Bjorn/Kai/Hugo

Yeah, thanks all for coming, Kai and Hugo for their hospitality and Bjorn for mc’ing!
Really liked the relaxed atmosphere…
Mark your diaries for the next ones:
-25 June at Cartel, Caxton Street
-23 July, Tour de France house party at Antmandan’s in woolongabba

So when is the next River city rollers?

River city rollers next event:

Next roller racing event is next Saturday 23rd July at 7:30pm.

2/16 Leonard St, Woolloongabba.

Entry will be $5 with cash split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

There will be a beer raffle, with a gold coin buying you a ticket which will be put in the draw for a free beer. These tickets will be drawn out of the hat constantly throughout the night.

The Tour individual time trial will be shown later in the night.


We’re all set here for another massive night. Mrs Ant and Miss Ant were both in a good mood this morning and not too displeased at the state of the nest so I say we’re all systems go to get this baby rocking tonight. I’ve got more homebrew (Kolsch #2, Harvest Ale, plus for those that are game a bit of Black Imperial IPA (9.5% alc/vol)). I’ll be getting some snacks later today but feel free to bring a bag of chips or something if you like.

See you all here tonight around 7pm.

another one? i’ve never roller raced

was on the city cat this arvo, can we do roller racing on a party boat? seriously it would rule!

Didnt that boat get trashed in the floods?

there’s two parked along kingsford smith, they’re plenty big enough

If you get that boat, I’ll bring the rollers

This could be cool might be exxy though.
orI have a generator if you want to just sneek on a city cat.