Rivnut Brisbane

Anyone have a rivnut setter, maybe a couple of rivnuts in Brisbane? I want to put some extra bottle bosses on the bikepacking rig. Can pay in beer.


oops. these are m5 x 1.0mm apparently. Bike bolts are usually m5x0.8mm aren’t they? Listing is almost certainly wrong, it is bunnings after all.

^ the winner is Andrew! Guess I owe you a beer.

Take some bottle cage bolts to bunnings to confirm they’re actually m5 x 0.8mm and not some unicorn m5x1 and you’re golden. Assuming you have a spare hub :wink:

Saw that size on the Bunnings website, I reckon it’s a misprint, but will double check.

They will be going under the down tube so I’ll just use a whole wheel.

this is great! keen to hear how you go, reckon i’ll be doing the same thing soon

The hub trick is great, used it a few times