rock n roller racing! FLYER UP! [18th october]

you gots to be a part of it.

awesome so keen to try this…

finally sorted a date huh… :wink:

this is always good times for anyone who hasnt been! (especially if damoh and brendan get to race each other :evil:)

racing will be handicapped. bikes will be bolted down. anyone could win. even damoh. even you.

Bolted down bikes - bummer - I’ll miss the smell of burning rubber…

This is great fun so get on it if you haven’t been before.


I’ll be encouraging the crankys crew to turn up and that has to mean at least some burning rubber (benzy did just get 3rd @ new skids :wink:) and for once ianHX wont be flaunting helmet laws :sunglasses:

for those that are concerned about their sprinting ability… the handicapping seems to always mean the favorites have a hard time. :smiley:

for those that believe they are ‘too fast, too furious’ for the regular rides, heres your chance to prove you have the legs in an open competition.

for everyone else its a good time…

This is why I hate Fuken working on Sundays… I will show after the deed…

i just hope there will still be some vegan parmas left!

If I stick my foot in yer arse, you can’t shit so you should feel full for quite a long time… Plus I can move quick for a Fat Fuk…

this is true. i’ve seen you spinning… try to get the arvo off!

how does rocknroller racing work?

choice. so much fun last time around.
cant wait!

p.s if your ride a 56, ill be having a wee chat with you on the night…(nic/brendan)

some background:

A roller racing event/structure named after a beer. Must be good.

and the dirty pinko commie open software version

I have a soldering iron if anyone wants to throw a kit together. I thought it was an electronic hotdog warmer.

what’s the name of that flash bicycle race game … how hard would it be to cobble an ‘excitebike’ style retro pixel arrangement together … !?

two people on the bikes with the forks bolted down riding on rollers against each other. a big clock behind them with two hands. each hand represents the progress of a rider.

there will be qualification rounds where you do one timed ‘lap’. your handicap will be based on your qualification time. you will then face off against other riders until we have a winner.

there may also be real rollers there, for a special roller challenge. working on that.

chooka challenge?

does anyone even dare?

more like the roller racing version of the hour challenge: the minute challenge…

Killer fun,cant wait.

just read ‘bolt down rollers’…

half the fun is not falling off ‘real’ rollers!

there will be real roller racing as well - for the more experienced.

anyways - big news!

i spoke to chooka today, and he told me anyone who could achieve the chooka challenge will win $100, donated by chooka himself!

the chooka challenge is:

four laps of the clock (1600 metres) in less than one minute and two seconds, on the real rollers.

or put simply:

a mile in a minute.

get practicing! brunswick run roller training at their clubrooms on thursday nights:
it’s a hundred bucks! for one minute’s work!

Dammit. I really wanna go to this, but I’ll be plodding my way round the bay that day (and maybe eating some hay, or making things out of clay, or, oh fuck it.)