Roller Racing 4th Dec - UPDATED

There will be some track bikes there to borrow also, if you want a ‘proper go’

Preferably you should be riding FIXED on the track with foot retention and have your hands nowhere near anything remotely like a brake. And have a helmet. On your head.

Other than that, noone will care if you have rizers, cow horns, your woollen underpants showing from your skinny leg jeans, etc.

As for gear you don’t need the maximum size as you need to be able to spin it up quick… there’s someone entered who is probably quicker than the last derby’s fastest bloke (watch out for Whacky). They make normal humans look feeble! And they go seriously lactic, requiring lie-downs afterwards :wink:

Handsome James has got all of that except for his sweet, sweet riserz.

And I reckon I’ll go the lower of the two ratios. I’ll get to ride my Samson again too :wink:

Flyer now up.

Full size flyer:

frickin nice flyer!

You got Friday night off?

ahhhhhh not as yet… but i will.

Just use this. No one will know if it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours.

yeah might have to… although the “honour” system would be an interesting social experiment. and an expensive one. maybe ill set up a live feed webcam

Dibs on all the size 9 Pointer’s and Clae’s. :wink:

why thank you

thanks to all the tuesday crew who came out it was pretty sick seeing you all smashing yourselves

T-R-A-C-K S-A-B-B-A-T-H :evil:

Great night, track sabbath represented :evil: i have respect for the two riders in the finals pretty much came down to speed/endurance, maybe if TNF didnt slam beers every ride we could be that good . . . nah i like beer too much. thanks again to the crew who put it on.

Ps thanks jolan for the ts/everything.
pps excellent ride creaky youll smashm next time :evil:
ppps thanks handycap your the best :wink:

LOL thanks! I was handicapping myself as it was getting hard to calculate after 6 beers :smiley:

NEWay results are up at the DARK SIDE!

Be great to have some of you TRACK SABBATH guys actually get onto the track, you’d do quite well some of you can really spin!

Yup… Last night was the bees knees.

Yeah it was fun. I lost my voice, rode the longest possible way ever to get home with Handsome James and managed to finally make it to Hungry Jacks.

If you want a Track Sabbath shirt, you have to a) ride on Tuesday Night and b) race in jeans (cut off if you wish).

PS: Photos up tomorrow.

had a ball! It was a little bit of a struggle on the way home for me too legs didn’t work to good. It was worth it to see the looks on some of the peoples faces when we flipped our wheels around and put on our lights to ride home.

Funniest moment of the night was the ‘king of bling’ having an argument with his wife: she wanted his gold plated bike to go on the roof of the car and he wanted it in the back of the car with the front seat folded down so he could sit with his bike in the boot. Gold

well done to Creepy you had them trackies scared

Thanks to Zoltan for getting the t shirts made and getting us organised

Cant wait for the next one

Creepy… bahahahahahahahahahaha…