Rollers - whats good?

Now that i’m an adult and have a house…i have room on the deck and I’m looking to buy a roller to ride my fixie at home for fitness.

i have never looked for or owned rollers in the past…and after a quick search it seems like there’s a variety of rollers priced between 200-300 (which seems like the mid range?)

I dont know what I’m looking for, so, hoping people have some tips, pointers and experience that i can learn from.

Myself and a few track rats I know run these and have for ages. They work as you’d expect, are adjustable, durable and available… some of the other models I’ve seen in use that do not have the “basic looking box section metal frame” but rather, fancy looking plastic moulded frames, look to flex A LOT whilst in use, like a bounce almost. People still seem to use them just fine though so, meh. Whatever is in your price range and pickup/ deliverable I guess, go for it.

Pro: You can’t roll off the edge of these with the radius ends. I have come off the edge of others, but I was very new to it then. After a while it really is no biggie to sit up no hands, have a drink, heckle and so on :slight_smile:

Link here

sweet…are these any worse or pretty much the same??

Haha, literally posted them on here as well then saw this thread…the FOA post is awaiting approval.

approved -

I’ve got the Jet Black R1 rollers, can’t fault them, I also have used the feedback omnium trainer lately (on loan) and for geared stuff seems awesome because it ups the resistance as you up the effort, I didn’t love it when I took it to track, but I spoke to the rep and he said you can flip the rollers and reduce the resistance dramatically, which would be sweet for track warm up/down, but even then, for track I think I’ll still prefer the free rollers

Con: It’s a bit harder to bunny hop off these bad boys.

I think I want ones with edges…I can see myself stacking it…multiple times before getting it right.

you’ll stack it on any style really let’s be honest, we’ve all cooked it up on rollers at some point

There’s stacking, and there’s riding off the side. Can be different. Youtube is proof of that.


^^ Dear lord!

And yeah, you’re gonna fall off :slight_smile:

I’m looking to get some Rollers for the deep dark cold winter of the north.

Any tips?

or trainers rather than rollers. i’m easy either way.
it’s for base road miles.

I’ve used pretty much every type under the sun, and own a set each of Minoura Action and Jet Black R1.

Of everything I’ve tried, the Minoura ones always feel the nicest. Conversely, I absolutely hate the TACX ones. The barrels feel horrible and I dislike the way they tend to bounce around. Some people swear by them though, so it’s all really down to personal preference.

Best bang for buck is probably the Jet Black ones. From memory I think I got a brand new set from Pushys for around $150 delivered.