Rossin persuit. real??

vintage rossin pursuit track pista frame (very rare !!) | eBay

Wow that is nice

Wishbone, fillet brazed and webs

what a combo

Real??? Not sure

no SN.

Looks pretty legit. Bloody nice!!!

  • bondo !!!

Cinelli Laser road
Cinelli laser 1986 Columbus MAX | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

FWIW i think the Rossin is realz, and pretty cool too. Not near as cool as the home furnishings in the ebay listing - that’s way rad.

came across that this morning too - continually finding amazing frames in midget sizes leaves me far from well plussed

You do realize that the frame would originally have been ridden by someone closer to 6 foot, that’s hardly midget.

In saying that my days of risking back injury for something without a pulse are well over.

this is true

I own a similar frame… its a bit ratty though & doesn’t have the wishbone stays. It also has Rossin cutouts on BB shell, fork crowns and seatstays… probably predates this thing,

^^^^^ dope!!!

yeh get rid of that ratty old thing… i’ll throw in a few bucks for it if you like…

hmm indo…i do have some relos…

but apart from stickers, how can you be sure it isnt a bondo’d generic pursuit frame?

^^^ If they make generic pursuit frames like that ill buy one tonight.

Cinelli laser crono 1986 (poor bike) by Bici crono, on Flickr

that frame as found - fuck that would be a score. apparently around 250 Euro.

(the one spirito posted)

That frame is pretty rad too though

Will trade for fixie

i’d be fishing for conformation, wasn’t it somewhere in indo that were knocking off geekhouse earlier this year?

Never seen a rossin pursuit like that… seen very similar ones, though lugged and no wishbone. I don’t see any Rossin pantos. I haven’t seen a Rossin without pantos… especially the fork crown.

And those unfiled track drop outs don’t look finished to a Rossin standard…
Could easily be a typo but it’s Marco Rossin, not Mario. S’pose he could have had a brother.

Is it a copy of this? Or just a later model?

P.s. There was a very good Rossin copy (well believed to be a Rossin copy) in Sydney ridden by one of the SSS crew…

5 days to go and its at $1535??

There was one of these out back at Bicycle Recycle, but with american flag paint work. I think Flemming wanted $1500 for it and as far as I know it never sold.
rossin pursuit on this sites nice…

^ dude does some amazing work!