Royal Flush Alleycat

I’ve heard a lot about this, and I see it has now been blogged… So, discuss

pre-registration seems a bit organised

gonna miss out on this
sooo annoyed looks like itll be good fun.

So what do we do between rego and racing? that’s a lot of hanging around - will there be beer while we wait? I hope there’s beer.

This is going to be legit, been hearing a lot about it and the concept is something different.

I’ll be rolling in this for sure

first ally cat for the new bike, i’m gonna have it in fine condition, watch out boys

edit- and yes chaz, even if they don’t supply it, we will have beer

Haven’t heard anything about it… Anyone got a flier or something? Details?

Checkpoint Ride with 6 Compulsory stops.
Collect a custom ‘Royal Flush’ playing card at the first 5 check points.
The first 5 check points can be done in any order.
Once you have 5 cards you will be given the location of the 6th checkpoint. At the 6th checkpoint you will be able to swap 1, 2 or 3 of you collected cards to make the best possible 5 card poker hand.
From the 6th ‘Card Swap’ checkpoint you can race to the finish point.
Manifests will be handed out 5 minutes before the start of the ride.

As well at the 6 checkpoints there is a secret location somewhere along your journey which will contain 2 Joker cards. There will be a riddle on your manifest that if worked out correctly will lead you right to the Joker’s location.

Velocity B43 Wheel-set
Velocity Rim Set
ReLoad - Single strap bag
$250 Never Stop Pedalling On-Line Voucher
$150 Carhartt Melbourne Store Voucher
Casio GSHOCK Watch
Skin Grows Back Prize Pack
Lower Apparel
Saint Cloud Apparel
Converse Kicks Voucher

Its big to say the least! - no beer while you wait Im afraid… however it gives you PLENTY of time to get pumped!

Sounds like a good set up, is there going to be any advantage to getting round the course fast though?
If there’s no beer at the start, at least have the finish at a drinking venue.

so is it still a race? or does it all come down to your poker hand?

plenty of prizes, with this one… it pays to be fast and lucky!

loads of loot to get rid of!

Last poer race i did it didn’t matter who came first, winner was best hand. True for this?

nah not true for this one pip!
plenty of loot involved and speed will be awarded as will luck and a few other things!

Negative pip. As Dugong said. Plenty of loot. Fastest will win a prize!

The thing I don’t like is that I have to go to the city to sign up.
THEN go back later to race!

I SUCK at poker. Think I’ll just go for the joker…

Yeah, but it’s almost a month in between, not like a day or two. If allowed, I could get you one and save you a trip in.

That’d be sweet Yehuda!
Ah, you’re the man.

I’ll head in the night rego is open, and if I can get you one, then I will. I live in the area so it’s no problem.