Royal Flush Alleycat

Sounds like fun! I know you can go to any checkpoint in any order but does anyone know an estimate of distance?

a hair under 200 k’s

200k? that’s a cinch. tomhall could do that with a case of carlton in his bag, and still win

yeah but he is sponser’d

yeah but he is sponser’d

200k?? So glad I’ll be going for the joker haha
Wait, I don’t have to complete all the checkpoints too if I go for the joker, right? Soooo lazy…

Fixed that for ya.

If you don’t complete it in a certain time, you get your bike taken off you…

I’ll donate my bike for tomhall’s beer and cheer y’all at the finish line. Actually, won’t even do that considering even if someone finishes first they might not win cause of their cards. This is gonna be the anti-climax win of the year.

do we really need to pre-register for this?

no it was all a hoax!
you did it McGarnicle

Pre-registration is a must mate. Limited spots due to the format of the event.

There is heaps of prizes up for grabs for both speed in the ride and luck with the cards! No anti-climax here fella!

Finish line/End party has just been agreed to… MASSIVE WAREHOUSE PARTY!!! More details to come!

Dugongs are rad.

I’m assuming the lack of places has something to do with the number of cards in a deck - If we miss the cut-off, can we still just race it for line honors (and leave the card collecting/swapping to the registered riders)?

  • also, along with the joker, will there also be a prize if you happen to find Tom and send him in the correct direction?

hey chaz… the format puts just as much emphasis on line honors as it does on having a good poker hand as two separate things… so to claim line honors you will need to register…

how many spots and can your friends register you.

same answer that was supplied on to you on facebook… I would highly recommend a visit to Saint Cloud in the first week of rego!
No dramas with friends doing the registering for you…

eh, i never check things on facebook unless they send me notifications.
I’m cool like that.