Ryan gosling is in town.

i’m sorry, i no longer give a shit about your sweet fixiebike, or that you’re coming to visit, or that you’re putting on a race. ryan gosling is in town.

Ryan Gosling at the roobaix? Lets hope so.

FoA x Ryan Gosling Fan Club 2012 colabo

you’re a strange guy brendan

wtf rolly he is fucking gorgeous.

what are you gonna do though, wait for him outside his hotel rubbing your thighs and making strange breathing noises?

Watch: Ryan Gosling’s amazing dancing at 1991 Mormon talent contest - CelebrityFIX

You’ve been a Fanboi since Mickey Mouse club havn’t you?

wait, you know where he’s staying?


281 Darebin Road, Thornbury VIC 3071

meant to be there about 7:30pm i believe

i’m on to you, roland:

even where you steal your jokes from

Any developments on this? Mentioned at lunch to a friend here at work and she NEEDS more info.

TC I don’t really know who ryan gosling is.

paging gene

Ryan gosling, he’s that hunk with the six-pack in Crazy Stupid Love chick flick right?

Is that a Rapha t-shirt? I’m in love…

guys rolly was right! he was at disc at 7.30

you see it wasnt actually ryan gosling, it was just me, some people saw me in my rapha shirt in the city and got it little confused is all

dead X_X

TC i fucking love The Notebook.

We can tell tbh

this isn’t the confession thread

RG was spotted in docklands yesterday. there was a picture in the MX. folks, this is real. i am taking the rest of the week off work.