Sat Pre Pushies Gravel Grind

Lets do gravel Sat?

Who’s in?




Alright Zack…

What you think about a Bunyaville to Gap Creek on mostly gravel loop around the 50 to 60kms mark…

Anyone got something like that mapped out???

Got no choice <grin>

If I could make a chariot out your two dogs I would but I’m guessing that could be dangerous !!

considering they have never walked in a straight line let along run we may be in trouble…

I’m in.

This Saturday? I’m in. What time at Ferny Grove Train Station?

7ish? I gotta vtec from the GC yo

#datboost #nevernotvalvebouncin #paulwalker

The first train gets out there at 5:30am then every half hour.


I’m thinking 7:30 or 8 so we can get the outta Townes there… Plus GregSofetly the night before

sounds more like a no which sucks, gotta be in town at work at 9, I’ll do some sweet skids outside crankstar on friday for the heck of it #fixzayz

Its not a night with Scott Smith M80 you’d have to pay me to listen to you for more then 2 mins

#whenscottrants #knowsitall #braaaaaapppper


I could be their 3rd brother !!

i wanna come! will i be able to keep up on a mountain bike?

Yea MTB would be fine, it will be mainly gravel and steep so MTB would most likely be the best option but you have to comprise to be trendy

Been thinking is there anything less strenuous ( less hills ) close to town?

yeah !!!

either that or you guys have to drink beer so us old men can keep up :wink:

Keep talking guys… making me interested. :wink:
been forever since I’ve been on the bike…