Sat Pre Pushies Gravel Grind

I assumed we were doing a similar ride to this?

Can Zack or El brado expand or propose on a ride route if possible

MTB’s would be fine to ride, Might be slower on the flat rolling stuff but quicker up the hills.

get back to work dave!

Yeah El Brado done up an end-to-end station route here Gravel Galore - Brisbane, Queensland in the other thread.

I dunno anything flatter that’s closer to town, I think Laceys Creek Rd is flat and gravel but a fair hike out.

MTB would be fine, I’ll get a rack and rando bag on my xcheck for sarsaparilla.


route looks good

#wut time do we roll dirta 7/7:30 or a tad later cos kents be frothin hard at crankstar da nite b 4

There really isn’t any other options where you can go train station to train station. I would prefer to start on the earlier side as it could take a lot longer if there is a bit of walking/chatting.

Lets do Brads above…

Lets get numbers. who is in…?

Ill be there


I’m in - any out of towners who want to borrow a mtb (a few available) for the ride just shout out. All have spd pedals or byo.

in. keen to ride out to start point anyone?

me! it’s only 15 ks or so from my place. happy to do that nice and easy.
So 8:30am at Ferny Hills Train Station?

that means if we leave 7:15 from the city we’ll have plenty of time - right?

Sounds like a plan

Hey Zach - what time are you thinking of getting there? As the ‘tour guide’ I think it’s a good idea to ride with you :slight_smile:

I’m 10km or so away, I’m happy to start whenever, it’ll take us 2.5-3 hours max to do I reckon, anytime after 7 or 8 would have you back before lunch.

Will also be riding back in that general direction if anyone parks at Ferny station and wants company.

What about meeting outside the station at 7:30 I know its a little earlier then some wanted but that gives us more time to ride (gram) etc etc

^ If we aim to get there at 7:30 we will all fluff around for a bit and roll out closer to 8 anyways. I will need to find some coffee too.

^ Yea ill need a coffee and a toilet within a few hours to have liquid stools

Yeah there’s only “Coffee On The Way” up the road from the station. All the good stuff is back at Enoggera.

I’m gunna struggle to get to the start point by 7 with multiple outta towners and after pushies nite with Greg…

What about 8am start at Ferny Grove?

What train would we have to get from Central