There’s going to be an alleycat on Saturday Feb 12. I can’t really tell you much more than that, because I haven’t organised any more than that. It’ll be starting later in the afternoon. I’m going to make it finish at the Saint Cloud 1st birthday party so we can razzle dazzle once we’re done. It wont be very hard.

I haven’t done a flyer yet, because I don’t know what’s happening, so here is a temporary one:

And now the REAL flyer:

i loled.

This is better than any flyer :slight_smile:


This is funny.
I’ll be thar.

cool and yeah +1 to keeping the original flyer

Haha. Ill get drunk and checkpoint. Or vice versa

Ha. Count me in.


i’ve retired so i’ll quite possibly do what pip is doing.

My dyslexic mind keeps reading this as “Safety_alleycat”.

I was getting excited about reflective vests.

You have to have finished a race to retire.

i do believe i beat melbournes fastest courier on a bmx at christmas

im in!

might do this

out. i’m going interstate to look at a baby that weekend.

Can’t make it, damn. Already booked I’n a weekend with the rentals.

will this be valentines day themed? if not, can i just pretend it is?

No it will not, but yes you absolutely can.

Make sure you put down a deposit. Sucks when you’re all like, ‘Let me think about it for a minute’, then you go away to make them think you’re not interested in the hope they’ll give you a better price when you come back but when you do come back, someone else has purchased it.