Saturday 19 November

Sorrento return any one?

Yes, but you will prob be towing me :wink:

7.00 meet at fed square for a 7.15 roll out.

heres the info from last time i did it,

Bike Ride Profile | sorento and back near Coburg | Times and Records | Strava

If this is training for bright don’t you want some more hill work?

This may be relevant to my interests.

if you’re doing the omnium the next day don’t you want to take it easy?


Forgot about the omnium because I ain’t doin it!

not really bother;d about hills to tell the truth will, more worried about not lasting the distance in the first place, although we could just do athurs seat return?

and brendan as stated else where im not really in with a shot at the omnium any way, im more treating this weekend as an exercise in doing 2 hard efforts back to back, im not really taking track too seriously till brights done and dusted

keen to ride until frankston or mornington…

I"m thinking of doing this…

Train to Lilydale, ride up Mt Donna Buang, then ride back to Preston. Around 150km.

dave sorry but it looks like we’re doing this
Federation Square to Arthurs Seat VIC - Google Maps
authurs seat rtrn

Might want to go through Mt Martha or take the Nepean for that - last time we took the Fwy we got pulled over by the local cops. While watching a cop car trying to catch Tom Hall tearing down a hill with his feet resting on top on his forks was pretty hilarious, it’s not really worth the trouble.

yeah sweet thats not the actual route but just something close enough so people have a fair idea,

If anyone is interested, on the Sunday, I’ll probably race St kilda crits, then do something like a fairly hard slog of TDB. Anyone can come! it’ll be a party!

yeah, no worries mate. I’ve been keen to do Donna Buang for a while, and this weekend is perfect as the family is away and Bright is coming up, so I’ll probably head out there solo. Unless anyone wants to joing me in riding up a 17km climb at 6% ?

I was thinking Kinglake, but this might be more tempting. You know, with the party and all.

if we want to we could repeat a few of the climbs. At this stage, i reckon we’re better off working on some of the explosive climbing, which is gonna be just as important than the grinding.

Basically, I’m visualising the training equivalent of Reign in Blood. All killer, no filler.

This sounds like a quality idea HMC. I’m in.

i might be up for this, will prob only ride to frankston and hit up 2 bays and then head back though.