Saturday 30 May

Anyone interested ina long ride followed by brunch somewhere on Saturday morning? Early-ish start - 8am.

Happy for suggestions, i’ll be doing one anyway so though i’d mention it.

Damn im keen but got a big ugly philosophy essay to do… maybe next time

I have a bit on Saturday, taking my mum bike shopping… I will see if I can reschedule with her though. Where abouts are you thinking for the ride?

Dunno, maybe the old federal hwy. A couple of hills but nice and empty. Or maybe the ride ed lang designed a while back.

Not fussed really, but probably a couple of hours.

Oh yeah, and I’ll be wearing lycra, it’s that kind of ride (just thought i’d mention it to avoid uncomfortableness :-o)

I’ll come if you let me ride a geared bike. my steamroller is still in the shop, waiting for me to make a decision about how best to tart it up.

Yeah man all good. We’ll find a way to even things up…

Just out of curiosity… whats the distance like for old federal highway? About 50kms return?

Yeah, think so. We’ll tailor it to how we feel i suppose.

Alright, I will see if I can reschedule with my mum for after the ride, I don’t see it being a problem. Where is the meet up spot?

Random question, but does anyone have a set of SPD pedals that they are willing to get rid of?

Righto, the route i was planning on taking would be 67km. If no one else is turning up i’ll do it but i think it may be too far for some??? It’s a nice ride out the hwy, onto the old fed hwy, then back through sutton -,149.225578&spn=0.21131,0.444946&z=12

If so i propose maybe we do the ride ed invented a while back, or if Cal or Damian are on here the tuesday ride they do???

I have a pair of Ultegra pedals if that’s what your looking for, with a couple of pairs of cleats. Super cheap $30???

Would like to come for this ride, but I work weekends :frowning:

ezylee: how much are you looking to pay for some pedals?
I got a couple of sets one new one used.

I’m up for a ride. My vote is for the OFH.

That ride looks pretty big. How hard do you think you will go… I just don’t want to hold you up. Just to put things in to perspective I did the Mont 24hr course in 57.00 :oops:, your fastest was 52.00 , I reckon I could dig deep and do it though :slight_smile:

So where was the meet up spot, I have pushed my mum back till 1 on Saturday so we will be back by then no doubt.

As for the pedals, I am currently swapping over one set of these over two bikes.

So if you have a set of these pedals handy, I will nab them from you…

Bugger, I seriously just gave a pair of those away!!!

Um, I’m thinkin’ the goon bag, if that’s central, otherwise further up Northbourne, maybe Dickson shops-ish???

Wouldn’t worry too much about speed, probly be takin’ it easy as the distance will be the killer on the fixies.

Prob further up Northbourne would be good so we skip Northbourne. Kamberra wine complex carpark, or somewhere around Dickson shops… I will be parking my car somewhere.

hey guys,

i live on phillip avenue - just opposite the technology park - good parking spot across the road from my house…

could meet there or up at the kamberra wine complex?

either way, let’s lock in a time - i should be sweet to go.

btw, just bought some spd mtb shoes online and am now looking for pedals and cleats to go with them too :wink: see [Wanted] board for details if you’ve got any you can part with



Yeah, Kamberra car park sounds good, closer to my place. Any good cafes in Lynham for food?

Right on… Kamberra carpark at 8am on Sat morning.

I think Damien and some other people (or people he knows? that I also know) ride from Tilly’s on Friday mornings… food there isn’t too bad. A short hop across Northbourne is 'sfoglia cafe, which is pretty good and has bike racks out the front.

Looks like a pretty fresh morning:

Saturday: Fine, partly cloudy. Min 3 Max 14