Saturday Breakfast Ride

Saturday Morning regular:

7:00 am Martin Place

Ride and breakfast

Evening Carlin,

Sounds good the “le tour de toilet”

Get the route sussed and I should be back on two wheels in the next week or three, bee given the almost all clear by the hand surgeon.

yeh, get the route sorted, i’ll be well up for it when i get back. i suppose you found that book then carlin?

Ok so it was raining on Saturday- I hope no one showed up.

I should have a chance to test the route this week, and maybe add a few bits to loop it up, or finish near the bakery.

Saturday morning is going down the crapper. :slight_smile:

Hear hear! See what happens when I’m off riding for a few weeks, the Saturday crew falls to pieces :smiley:

you keep thinking that Evan!

I will be there this weekend - unless it is wet.

Yeh ev, think what you will, but notice that I’ve been away for a couple weeks, and see what’s happened.
I can only infer that my marriage has made the ride go to shit. That said, I’m there this Saturday.

Ok so I live in my own little (dream) world sometimes.

I may even see you there this weekend…weather permitting

Saturday Morning: An endnote to the ‘Royal Flush’- ‘Le Tour de Toilet’

Ironically, the ride will be cancelled if it is pissing it down.

I’ll be there for the first 10 minutes, before I bonk and need a carbo-gel-thing.

Nice work Carlin.

How’d it go?

it was sweet. so many cool back lanes, so many nice hills. I saw bits of Sydney I never knew existed.

props to Carlin for mapping it out!

Yew carlin the master of history and maps. epic ride.

Damn! I missed this one… Re-up??
I mean… Re-Ride?? :roll:

Might make it this week.

I’d be interested if this was happening again!

What do you say Carlin? :slight_smile:

Another epic one this morning. Down to la perouse then hiked right out through the national park to the shipwreck. I was totally trashed by the time we got back to bourke street… Longest ride i’ve done in months.

I had to push the pace all the way back to work, and was still late. Burn.

Lucky I was on the g****d bike

Great ride though, it was really nice to duck into the national park at Lapers.

…And another Toilet Tour could be arranged in the future if there is popular demand :wink:

yeah man
i’d be up for a dunny run
was in melbourne when the last one was on

how about this week? ev’s gonna be back riding, and if plunkett can get his sorry arse out of bed that’ll be a couple extras. what say carlin?

Yeah, get your swine flu sorry ass outa bed!