Save The Date - Sunday 26th Nov - Some sort of ride

As some of you know i am leaving Sydney early next year, and I am also turning 40 this year. To mark these auspicious occasions I will be hosting/leading a bicycle ride of some sort on the last Sunday in November, the 26th.

Details are sketchy but I’ll think of something and it will probably involve my local cliff rides. There will be beer also.

So I did the Reccy run on Friday and have a basic route worked out:

Meet at Prince Alfred park, near the Central Tunnel/Devonshire St end at 9:30am for a 10am roll out. (I started the reccy ride at the Shakey as the roads around central are a shitfight due to lightrail work).

Head up to Centennial park and cut through the CX practice area, then up through randwick and around to Maroubra. Follow coast roads to South maroubra then bike paths to Malabar.

Optional detour up to Malabar headland (but will depend if shooting is on or not, gates closed if rifle range is open).

Coast Roads around to Randwick Golf Club - optional detour to cut across golf course to Little Bay (will depend on how busy the Golf Course is).

Stop at Little bay Bottle shop for some take way tinnies - great selection of craft beers there.

Ride Jennifer St boardwalk*, then Cementary trail, Then Cape banks road, cliffs ride fire trail down to Cape banks. Have swim & beers at Cruwee Cove, check out the shipwreck, look for whales… (*option to do the Henry Head track from here - depends on how busy the park is)

Ride back out of the Nat park, then along the coast to Bumbora point, then battle traffic& use bike paths to get to the Grifter/batch or Vic on the Park.

bring Swimmers, towel, snack, money and what ever else you need. Mostly road miles with a bit of mixed terrain. Fat tires make it more fun. MTB friendly.

Cruisy pace, no dropping people, wait at top of each hill (there aren’t many) or major intersection.




come up.

I’m in. It’s a work day for me, but I’ll take leave


In but I’ll take the trails not so close the the cliff edges haha I’ve seen your videos!!!

I guess I should…

i’ll try & get the wknd off. unlikely though. but if i can, no work til thursday… hmmm

You have my attention.

I’ll be away unfortunately Rod, but hope you all have a blast!

First day of hunt ride otherwise I would come up!!

In !!

Bummer Gypo but the Hunt will probably be better haha

Woo! yes spizza!

Count me in (unless I find myself in the delivery suite). I’ve been a bit out the loop lately - where are you leaving to, Rod?

Bummer Droz, will hopefully see you before I go.

Moving to Bellingen to escape the rat races in January.

Will be on the Hunt!

Have put it in my calendar

going to try and do a reccy ride on friday. Figure we can start at central then head to the coast then back to inner west for beers. People should also bring swimmers.

sweet!!! ending at one of the breweries, grifters comes to mind!!! :wink:

OP updated with details.