Schwalbe Kojak 700x35c

Had my first ride on these today.
First thoughts: they go on the rims easily, but they’re no wider than the Rando Hyper 32s that I had on previously. Will mount up a Hyper and compare side-by-side with calipers. Was hoping for them to be super-fat, but no matter.
They’re fast and quiet: they feel as fast as the hypers, and are much quieter.
They’re comfy: running 70 rear/65 front at the moment, will drop it a little and see how I go.
All-in-all, I’m pretty happy, tho I’ve only got 30-odd ks on them. The Hypers have been my benchmark thus far, so will be interesting to see how they hold up in puncture protection.
But the price was right, under $60 shipped (with free tubes) from T7, but it looks like the offer is done and dusted.

More thoughts and pics to follow.

I bought a pair in the same sale, will add thoughts when they arrive / i commuted on them for a bit (this post is basically a reminder to self).

I’ve run Kojak 35s for over a year on my tourer and my wife has them on her town bike, and we’ve not had a single puncture. I’ve not used Rando Hypers, but the Kojaks are so much faster than normal Randos, its not funny. My favourite thing about them is not the straightline speed, its cornering. The 35mm Kojacks, mounted on Velocity Dyads, have the nicest round profile that I’ve ever used, both road and touring. Leaning the bike over, loaded or unloaded, is a treat, the tread seems to wrap a long way down the sidewalls. I will buy again whatever the price. I think I paid around $35 or so each from LBS mid 2010.

pressure does seem a little high. Drop and test.

JP: the current model Kojaks are supposed to be even better…

Yeh, I’m a nervous nellie when it comes to dropping tyre pressures. Will ride home on what it’s at now, drop it by 10 and see how I go. They do seem pretty fast at this stage tho.

Pretty happy with the purchase, thanks to Jelmer for the heads up.

Well I did the first 64km on Kojaks this morning. ~60psi front and rear. Mostly road with a bit of bike path, some dirt and gravel.

Pretty happy so far. Like JP says, cornering is good. They feel like they have a fairly constant radius so it’s like you can just choose whatever lean angle you want.

And they look pretty cool with no tread and fat chunky SCHWALBE KOJAK on the side.

thumbs up

I dropped the pressure a bit today, 60/65. Heaps comfy, still fast. Though my commute times have increased, I’ll just assume cos lazy, but will see.

So now I’ve done about 270km on the Kojaks. I can’t fault them at all really. They seem to be wearing very well, they’re comfy and the cornering grip is great.

I dunno if I’d jump at them at their seemingly usual price of around $50 each but at half that they were a real bargain. I haven’t bothered to look but if they come in a 30-32mm that would probably suit me better.

These are the tyres favoured by super commuters, am I right? :slight_smile:

No no, they arn’t marathons.

(admission, I have a pair of marathon supremes in 35 and folding which I am gonna use for touring but commuting on at the mo, and they are nice)

Wrong forum you would have to check on BNA.

they have no reflective properties whatsoever. I think they are therefore banned by the supercommuter UCI

My LBS quoted a regular price of $65 for the folding version. That price from T7 was very good.

What’s the minimum width rim these fit on?

I will fit mine on a set of 19mm wide 700c rims - don’t know if there are many rims narrower then that.

Mine are 19’s and I was wondering how they’d go. I was thinking I’d need new wheels as 35’s are pretty big for 19mm rims. If it’s all good then schweeet!

They should fit fine. Just partially inflate to about 15 or 20 psi and make sure the tyre bead is seated evenly all the way round on both sides and then pump them up to the required pressure. Don’t go too high … unless you’re heavily loaded or really heavy there’s no point over-inflating nice comfy tyres such as these. Takes a bit of trial and error to find the right balance/pressure. Rear can be anything from 5 to 15 psi more than the front for most riders/bikes.

Haven’t tried these myself but they look pretty good. I’d like to here more long term reports.

Bollocks. I had 40mm tyres on Cosmic Carbones for ages. For years I’ve had 32-35mm tyres on 19mm road rims. No problems at all.

You’ll be fine. Go for it.

I ran big 35’s on my cheapo, single speed road wheels with no probs. Just gotta make sure they seat well (as per Spiritos post) when you put them on.

Is there some sort of voodoo specific to road clinchers?
Mavic say you can run 1.5 - 2.1" tyres on a 559x17 rim and a 28 - 47C on a 622x19.