SE Lager

So, I’m not sure if the SE lager has become the poseur royale of the SS/fixie world yet, but I don’t care if theres a squillion around, it was a good deal and made a nice bicycle.

I find it pretty, and the gearing is just right for me, I barely spin out down the hills and can still make it up all the hills near my house in morningside Brisbane (I ride 28k’s to strathpine for work)

The gearing is 46-16 for the freewheel, which I’m using till I get more competant with the toe cages. I suspect I’ll keep both brakes on the bike, as I’m prone to training to failure, and am not confident I’d be able to force myself to a stop on some hills without help.

I have pics, but apparently cannot add them?

Hi Oschuck,

You should read the how to post a pic post.

Not at all.

For that to happen, you’d have to be running a Cinelli MASH frame, with rear Aerospok and HED3 front. :lol:

Nah, my work has semi-censored internet and I cant get to any photobuckets because of it.

So far I love the bike, got it yesterday, got egged by bogans, tried to catch bogans at lights with the D lock…
did 65K’s last night, just cruisin around.

m’side, nice. there are a few of us in the local area,

im in camp hill, antmandan and erik are around east brisbane, so give any of us a bell if you wanna tag along!

and dont forget to check the events section, thursday night rides, bike polo on sundays and an alleycat next weekend!!!

Oh yes,I most definitely want to go to that!~* :smiley:

Ex Girlf Friend has the same bike… It rides nicly… it’s a solid rig

Yeah, the SE handles really nicely, rides well, doesnt flex that much, its all in all really nice.
I mostly got it for a way to combine easy city travel and bicycle commuting into more serious training.

But now that I’ve played polo, its also become one of my favourite toys as well, haha.

Handlebars could be stiffer though, they tend to bend when I’m sprinting/climbing.