Seagull messenger bags

Have anyone had one before?
im about to order one!
im still deciding between seagull, chrome, and r.e. load
any suggestions will be appreciated!

here’s my suggestion

Just ordered a deluxe custom. Sarah @ Seagull was really helpful, and replied very quickly, it was either a Seagull or PAC Designs, seeing they have the biggest messengers. But with Seagull I could custom the bag a lot more, which was great.

Brisbane Outdoor Gear = Win. Mine is massive, awesome, fully adjustable, fully customed, somewhat recycled and nothing but good things to say about the guys up in BrisVegas. They kill it.

I am going to purchase a seagull soon, one of their non customised ready made black bags but only because a family member is going to be bringing it back from the states for me. I found that with the high cost of shipping a messenger bag back to Australia it is usually better off buying one locally, like as people have mentioned from bo gear.

If you are looking for a bags made from recycle materials, I suggest you try this brand This one is much cheaper than Freitag, which is also a brand that produces bags from recycle materials. The difference is Freitag is from Swiss and Alchemy is from Seattle. I don’t have one (Alchemy) but my brother has. It looks great and very durable. But I’m not sure about the shipping cost tho…

If you have the cash, PAC is where its at.

To be honest neither freitag nor alchemy are actually as practical as a bag from a proper messenger bag company. And yes I’ve seen both up close… the alchemy bags are expensive for what you get vs reload/pac/seagull/freight, they dont stand up when compared to the other companies which is why you tend not to find them in proper bike shops as much. plus riding around with rubber on your back vs cordura/truck tarp seems silly.

BOGear make some great bags… chrome while ubiquitous make a very functional bag.

i’ve got a seagull black bag, its great for the price. It’s really waterproof, feels secure and can carry a slab and then some with relative ease. The only thing is it doesnt have any padding on the back of the bag- problem is solved pretty easily though, just pack your bag well, i always make sure i pack soft stuff- ie jumper, waterproof jacket etc at the back of the bag to give me a bit of padding. The strap tightening mechanism is really strong and works well. I’ve just started working with mine and don’t have a problem with it, and a friend of mine has been working with one for the last six or so months and his is as good as new. Another good thing is that the lining on the inside is super tough and easy to clean. I bought mine because at the time I needed a decent sized bag for everything from big sketchpads/artworks to being able to carry a weeks worth of groceries and it does it all with ease.
So bottom line, if you’re just after a big, waterproof, durable and functional bag the Seagull black bag is a great option, if you’re thinking of spending more and going for one of their customisable messenger bags I would definitely re-think and have a look local at Skin Grows Back or the BO Gear bags. There’s a reason so many people are using SGB bags, it’ll definitely be my next bag of choice.

Yeah I hear what the others are saying, support your local guys, Skin Grows & BOgear. But in my case it was a more specific need and with the Seagull mob they could do what I wanted. But in every case I can, try to keep it local.

simon - neat little trick i learnt from the crew who worked through canadas shitty winters. grab a couple of extra padded mail envelopes from various drops (or save a couple from your next few orders you make). Put a couple inside a larger padded envelope and ‘voila’ you have a nifty back pad that doubles as a seat for cold concrete. wrap the thing in tape if you want it to last a while. most times you can come across those padded envelopes pretty easily :wink:

haha yeah cheers nik

sweet idea, thanks

The local brands like , BO gear and Skin grows, are more expensive than the Seagull black bags!
Skin grows courier bags are $450 which i find ridiculous
Are there any suggestion on any other brands?

thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it!

The SGB bags are expensive because they’re a piece of equipment, not just a fashion accessory. Go check out the SGB page with the details of the bag and you’ll see why. They’re overkill for pretty much anyone who isn’t messengering, but they’re designed to stand up to that constant daily wear and tear. The BO Gear bags are rock solid as well.

Good gear is worth the spend. I’ve got a Chrome bag I picked up cheap and it takes a beating but has yet to show any signs of decent wear. Buying cheap stuff is a false economy if you’re going to put it through the wringer.

I’ve owned an SGB for 18 months and been working with it for 8 or so months of that. I can tell you its worth every cent.
Its a much more technical and thought out bag than a seagull or chrome. Alot of these finer details probably aren’t necessary for someone not working with it, but when its on your back all day every day, trust me, its worth it. As Jamie says on his website, the bag is NOT a fashion accessory.

How do u find Chrome, Sekt? I might consider buying it instead of Seagull.

Btw, I didnt mean ridiculous in that way, I meant is a lot more expensive compare to any other brand, like Chrome, Seagull, R.E. Load, etc.

I think the Chrome’s great. It doesn’t really have many extra features, but it’s got a solid amount of room, enough organiser pockets, and the strap/buckle system is comfortable and works well. The construction’s rock solid and it’s held up to a fair beating. No idea what they cost new, but I paid $80 for mine and it’s been well worth it.

anyone recommend SAG life?? it seems alot of japanese fixie riders use it. And they made a collab with mash to do a backpack recently. I am thinking of ordering these… Anyone know and recommend this brand?

where did u get ur chrome from, Sekt?
$80 is really cheap!