Seagull messenger bags

From a mate who had a spare one!


Personally I know nothing about the quality. A lot of the Japanese crew go for form over function though. Not sure if it applies in this case.

Is there any shop in Australia that sells SAGLIFE ?

NO, but im craving for some saglife… do you recommend fizzuck?? Im looking into buying the mash x saglife bag. ITS HAWT.

im looking for some feedback too, fire2368.
seems like no one here own one

my final decision is Seagull tho
the price is the most reasonable, it looks solid, and also have some good feedbacks!

Supply store in Sydney stocks SAG, they currently have all the bags in stock i believe.


check the post from march 25

wow!! really mash x saglife?! will definitely call tmrw. im excited!!

I bought one of these of ebay and it’s pretty crappy…supposed to hold a 13’ laptop and if it does it’s won’t hold much else.

theres a few on the streets down here.

the messenger/sling bags look great but dont last anywhere near as well as many other brands mentioned on here. definitely form over function. i’ve known at least 5 people with htem and they all have ended up selling them after finding out how weak they were for regular daily use.

i hear the last few versions of the backpack are a lot better…

for something rather controversial look up the korean SAG ripoff (VAG) - its for real and from what i was told it pissed the SAG owner off pretty hard.

I just ordered a large Seagull black bag, guys!
Will receive in 5 days
So far, Im really happy with Seagull, the service has been awesome.
Ill post a review when i receive the bag!

fixxied 4 you.

Bit late now, but MER bags from NYC look pretty dope :slight_smile:

Main : Mer

(vegan also)

damn! they look dope! a bit late now, indeed!

hopefully, seagull quality is better than that
or else i will be regretting!

Apologies for thread jack but when the hell did ‘dope’ become a word for ‘cool’? Why can’t you guys use ‘fully sick’ like normal people?
end jack.

i think ‘dope’ sounds better than ‘fully sick’. dont u think?

I just ordered the saglife x mash, not from supply tho, from japan. be here in 3-5 days. its like $350 in japan and supply sydney is selling for like $570.

How much did it cost you for postage?

$46US…a bit expensive IMO.

looking forward to some feedback for SAGLIFE, fire2368!