Seatposts- thoughts on a good quality one with setback

I need to get a good quality aluminium seatpost 27.2mm with setback, and these days there is a confusing array of choices. Below I’ve noted a couple of ones I’ve looked at which are all in the same sort of price bracket. I don’t want a carbon seatpost.

-Thomson Elite setback
This is the benchmark of course but aesthetically the setback version just looks weird. I’ve owned Thomson before and yes they are awesome.

-Ritchey WCS one bolt- one bolt makes adjustment easy, but how reliable? Anyone own this type?

Deda Zero 100- I’ve got one already on another bike, reliable, 2 bolt adjustment and looks nice.

Even Paul Components is making one now! Check this out, nice and classic but from memory it is very heavy.


You overthink things Horatio. What’s a ‘reliable’ seatpost? I’ve never had any reliability problems with seatposts. IME, you bolt them in, they hold the seat up. End of story :slight_smile:

However, what about a Nitto S83? I’ve got one on the Llewellyn. I haven’t searched around lately but that was around the same price as a Thomson Elite…maybe $90 or so.

That Nitto one looks ultra chunky!
Yes I do overthink things, but I’ve bought a number of cheap seatposts in the past and the adjustment has been pretty crap, or they squeak like buggery. It’s often the little things such as I’ve got a PRO PLT seatpost with twin bolts, but it is incredibly difficult to get the allen keys to adjust the bolts because the allen key hits the side of the post- just a flawed design really.
Obviously you can’t try out every make hence it’s worth asking. :slight_smile:

It’s just a seatpost… I have a cheapy that’s light, adjustable, doesn’t slip and looks fine. I’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade it, but apart from flashy graphics, I can’t think of one. I’d rather spend the money upgrading something else.

EDIT: Buy the lightest one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it seems most seatposts are a bit like that. Get yourself some ball-ended allen keys - problem solved.

I’ll second Nitto. Everything they make is beautifully finished and well designed. And it’s made in Japan and these things count right now.

I can’t say I’ve ever evaluated a seatpost based on weight. Colour, setback, appearance … yes. Weight? Carry one less mouthful of water in your bottle if it really means that much to you.

Ritchey are really good too.

Nitto Jaguar & Thomson.

Thomson. Look no further. Seatpost for life. and spare parts are readlily available should you (hypothetically) drop a bolt or something throught the hole in the floor of your shed.



I’ve broken a Deda Metalstick on the trick bike but it does hit the ground pretty often and replaced it with a $60 Easton which after 4 weeks and a few drops came “loose” on the join where it meets the post. Now using a pivotal bmx style with no issues.
These are just my observations but from a 700c bike that cops a beating!
For your needs choose the one you like the most, I’m sure it will fit the bill then.

Get a BMX

Horatio doesn’t know what he wants, so I ignore him when he says he doesn’t want something (like a CX bike)

I agree the regular Thomson Elite is a great saddle if you like zero setback (like on a time trial bike lol), but unfortunately it doesn’t cut it for me. The setback version is well, meh

I’m lost for words.

hrmm while were on this pretty much all campagnolo seat posts ive seen are around 150mm but im tall and my roadie is a smidgen short so i need a longer post, would love to keep it campy though, any recomendations on a 190-280mm campy post? 27.2, steel, shinny

Get back in ya box grumpy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not grumpy. Just making a valid point. Your doing stuff on a bike that was never designed for it. A hundred + years of development and progress for a specific purpose and you chime in with failing seatposts that were not ever designed for such stresses. It’s about as dumb as me poo-poo’ing a formula 1 car because it’s hard to park, can’t clear the speed humps and doesn’t hold my weekly groceries.

find a record or chorus ti post. only made for a few years early 00’s. they are the shiznit

Valid points. Each to their own as they say.

Also my bike was actually designed to to the stuff I do on it, the seat posts, as I’ve found out were not.

Carry on.