Selfish and inconsiderate [rant]

Running red lights is not cool. It’s not tough and it’s not funny. It’s selfish and inconsiderate, and demonstrates to everyone around you (especially in thick traffic) that you believe you are somehow exempt from all the obligations that come with riding in traffic.

Next time you decide to run a red even if it’s only to avoid the hazard of a bruised ego from your inability to trackstand (BTW NO ONE GIVES A TOSS) have a bit of a think what message you are sending to everyone else on the road - especially those “arseholes” in cars that you expect to be nice to you.


My primary obligation as a cyclist when riding in traffic is to ensure I am safe and get home to my children in one piece. I am not safe when I put myself in situations where I must trust a motorist to do the right thing (see me, avoid me, give me enough room etc).
If I can proceed through an intersection that I have confirmed is safe (stop look wait) and therefore separate myself from the cars then I make myself safer.
I don’t care what the drivers think of it, they are probably on their phone and didn’t even notice.

A motorist could apply the same logic to run red lights, doesn’t make it any safer, or legal. If you pull away from traffic by running a red light, it only means most of the traffic will be coming at you from behind much more rapidly than if you’d waited at the traffic lights with them.

I always try to get the respect of motorists by obeying the road rules, and acknowledging them when they’ve done something right like checking their passenger side mirrors before chucking a left hand turn, or not turning across stopped traffic in to a side street without looking. Creating contempt and frustration amongst people with 1-2 tonne weapons by running red lights, or flaunting flouting any other road rule is a surefire way to get them to take less care when you and I are around them.

I ride primarily as a commuter and agree with the sentiments about getting home in one piece. However, in the cbd I can rarely imagine situations where it is ok to stop, look, wait then run the red light.

flouting, not flaunting.

Nick is ‘flaunting’ his knowledge of the english language when replying to the issue of cyclists ‘flouting’ the law

I see it every day, I don’t do it. Yes it’s selfish, yes it’s inconsiderate, above all it’s just fucking dumb.

It gives me the shits when I see it done, and I tell other cyclists off when they do it!
Its part of the reason the general (non cycling) public think cyclists are arseholes who shouldn’t be allowed on the road because they don’t obey the road rules.


This has been done to death here and elsewhere many times before.

I don’t care if people do it. It’s not my problem.

I just recently;y experienced from the drivers point of view when someone rode through a red in the city in front of me. Not fun, particularly since it was my bosses car and I nearly got rear ended.

Changed my point of view on running red lights.

Edumacation, not edumaction.

I never run reds. Not because I think it’s wrong. I’m just never in that much of a hurry to be anywhere. It’s like speeding. Breaking the speed limit whilst driving is as common as putting on socks in the morning in this country. But I just don’t understand why people do it. I mean do you have a woman in the back seat going into labor? A kidney you’re rushing to the transplant wing of the Royal Melbourne?
What’s the point? I ride quite fast on my bike but that’s to do with having a comfortable cadence at 70 gear inches. There is no equivalent reason to go fast in a car. You’re just sitting on your arse.
Most of the laws I break I break for my own safety taking the safety of other into account. Riding the wrong way up flinders lane for instane. The traffic goes so slow if a car does approach I can pull over and walk before it gets to me. I ride slow enough that I’ll never hit a pedestrian. And it saves me having to ride up Collins or Flinders with all the traffic. Its win win. But running reds you are just asking to be run down by some nonce who thinks it’s ok to do 100 in a 60 zone. Which is just about everybody on four wheels.

Although I wouldnt feel any less safe running reds on my own judgement then I do riding quickly in the bike lane next to parked cars. The number of opening doors I’ve narrowly missed would number far higher then the number of cars that come out of no where if you’ve looked both ways before running a red.
So in that regard I can see how a person would be safer breaking the rules then they are following them.

Sorry Nath I have to agree with Ncik on this one, this is the sort of argument that can lead to ‘self-righteousness’, life is about choices and we are all free to choose.

True - but it becomes a problem when those choices impact negatively on others.

i used to make a living out if, couldn’t tell you the last red I stopped for.

Then when I came back to Melburn I didn’t see the point. The city is so small, so chances are the cops will find you, especially if you’re the only person riding a track bike.

As a rule I dont run reds now for the same reason NDF started.

You’ve gotta show respect to get it.

Having said that, I’d love to be racing Monstertrack this year AND I’d like to say the reason I didn’t win last time was because I stopped for a red during the race.

You would too if there was the NYPD parked at the lights, you were a foreigner, about to blow a red at 40 clicks. That 10 seconds of trackstanding cost me a grand.

C’est la vie.

Breaking the law will win you no friends.

If it isn’t safe I wouldn’t go, I’m not trying to imitate those NYC messenger vids.
If dicing with cars and busses is safer than riding across a deserted intersection then something is wrong with my evolutionary tried and tested fight or flight mechanism (sometimes referred to as the pucker valve)

I imagine your very respected by motorists then…

I’m not saying running reds is wrong or right.

I’m saying don’t spend your precious time getting upset and angry about things that are out of your control. There are much better things to spend your time on.

hehe so my problem is not self-righteousness… it’s megalomania :slight_smile:

Yeah like Morris Dancing

And “WaterSports”