Sell me on a disc all roader - probably frame only

Forgive me as it’s been way too long since I put together a new bike…

I’m thinking a disc all road bike with commuting as the core use but with the ability to take some dirt roads and light touring.

I’m stuck in my ways commuting wise so I will still be using a messenger bag and would probably be utilising bike packing approach to any loaded use. I’m a roady at heart so it needs to be pretty sprightly, I road a surly pacer for a while but the feel of that sort of robust steel wasn’t my favourite.

Also needs to be frame only (because campag passion), or come campag equipped (which I think is a unicorn).

What have I missed that is out there? Spend my money…

What size do you need?


Sounds like you want a CX bike, not an all-road™ bike.

Endpoint Hunter/Gatherer

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I’ve got a cross bike, it never really found the love…

i love my Fuji Jari 1.5.

take the rack & guards off over summer, stick em back on for laptop in pannier commuting to uni.

has TRP Spyres, but higher models have hydro i think. takes 42’s apparently, but quick enough on the stock 35’s that came with it.

love it.

+1 for the Fuji love. My Tread 1.3 is a ripper. Comfortable for all day when I jack the bars up a touch, fast enough on 32’s to keep up with commuting Freds. Guards if it rains, racks if I CBF.

I would get a Crust Lightning Bolt.

Running a 2017 Bombtrack Arise Disc as my current commuter- sliding drop outs, room for 45s, fender/rack mounts etc.

IMG_8933b by jaseyjase, on Flickr


Kona roadhouse? May be available as a frameset…

Otherwise I’d be looking at 2nd hand disc road bikes, giants, focus, trek etc. Disc 11spd campy hubs are pretty pricey but from memory people have run 11spd shimano/sram cassettes with 11spd campy shifters successfully. If it has cable brakes all you’ll be buying is shifters and mechs.

Focus paralane can fit a 35mm tyre… I think the new giant tcr can to. … that’s if you want carbon.

I’m pretty similar, I hate the feel of cheap steel frames, heavy components and dead tyres,
If I was to build something I’d go a good quality steel frame disc all road/CX with clearance for a 35mm tyre with a fender.
I’d probably give a curve carbon fork a go as they have mounts and I’d run a small front random rack with a light front bag because sweaty backs are a pain.
As Mike said any 11 speed wheels will work on campy.

I’d consider a Ritchey outback
Dean Antero
Planet X tempest
Or a second hand disc cx Bike but most carbon/alloy disc bikes are pretty stiff.

Down the rabbit hole…

geez, those look good value.

From that mega list I like the Shand Stooshie. Both brand and model names are excellent, and I’m all for the Scots to doing something other than making whisky. Their paint looks nice too.

Thought I might pick up this thread with my weekend distracted bike thoughts and ramble a bit.

I’m riding a lot less these days as I’m rockclimbing and trail running a lot more, and now I’m looking at the 6 bikes on my wall and wondering if I can simplify things given how little riding I do. Despite riding less frequently I do ride variably, so I need something to cover road climbs, gravel rides and some rougher trails. The three bikes I’m mostly thinking about are my roadie, CX and MTB. I also have a tourer/commuter that I’ll hold onto and two vanity bikes - a single speed and a fixie, thoughts for another day.

  • Roadie is steel rim-brake with 25/28mm tyres. I ride it fairly regularly up in the Vic Alps - Mt Hotham, Falls, Buffalo. It’s fun, and it’s got lightweight components and wheels and it’s great on the big climbs.
  • CX is an All-City Nature Boy with mini-V’s and converted to 1x10. If I go away for a weekend it’s usually the bike I take as it gives me more options. It’s super fun, and I would like to upgrade it to something with hydro discs and a lighter frameset. It would be my go-to because, when I do want to go riding, I usually want to ride gravel or some mixed rougher road.
  • MTB is a XC bike. I’m not much of a MTBer and MTB parks are not my thing at all. I occasionally hit up the You Yangs and the Bright MTB park, but I could probably do without that in my life. I mostly keep it to hit the odd remoter trail that might be a bit rough on the Nature Boy.

I’m wondering if I could condense these three bikes, or possible two of them, for a quality all-road bike. Something like a Curve Grovel? I figure a bike like this would cover off the roadie and CX and not really the MTB.

The main driver really is that I would like a nicer bike for gravel and mixed road riding, but I still want something to ride Mt Hotham and Falls, and the odd rough adventure. I could probably do away with the MTB if the replacement bike was ok on the odd single track and easy MTB trails, and if selling the MTB would help pay for it.

The alternative is that I keep the roadie and get something more adventurous - like the Curve GXR - then I’d have something to cover off all the rougher adventure riding I’d want to do but still have a good mountain road climbing bike.

I figure there is no way to really cover all three without compromises. I could also just keep lots of bikes, but it’s feeling excessive when some bikes are barely getting used.

i’m feeling like this too since getting my MTB.

6 bikes is way more bikes than i need.

looking to sell the track bike soon, but can’t bring myself to sell the fixie or the roadie, even though my townie could be run fixed, and my CX bike could be near enough to a roadie with some different tyres.

damn sentimentality.

I went this path, my current bike is a carbon CX. I have 3 wheelsets (could simplify to 2, offroad and onroad). The bike regularly does fast group rides and recently some crits, long road rides, rail trail gravel and the local mtb tracks (Castle Hill). Its not fast on the bumpy technical stuff, and isnt as aero as an all out road bike when racing, but its fast enough. It weighs ~7.6kg in road trim, about 8kg even in offroad trim, so losing very little to “light bikes” in the hills.

That looks rad. I’d probably go steel or Ti over carbon, just cause, but I’d be trying for a fairly light build overall for climbing. Although a Salsa Warbird could convince me to go carbon.

Is that running Ultegra? I’m not sure whether I’d go 6800 Ultegra (which can be had on sale now because of 8000) or Force 1x11. Ultegra works out a bit cheaper, but I like the SRAM 1x gear. Not sure which is lighter - probably Force?

I was also thinking of 2 wheelsets. Some framesets are now designed to run either 700<40mm or 650 <2.1", which would give lots of options with 2 wheelsets. 3 wheelsets might be overkill, but then with tubeless I can’t say I’d be happy switching between 28mm and 40mm tyres all that often. And if I sell lots of bikes I would probably have some change left over for more wheels.