selling frames?

i dont know sizes lol but im 5’5 and my budget isnt the best so if anyone can help me out it’d be great =]

Hey I have frames here in Taiwan I plan to ship to Melbourne once I am settled. Are you looking for aluminum or steel? I have both in many colors. They are new track frames though. Not oldshool Italian frames if that’s what your looking for. You can email me if you want ( and I can send you some pictures and give you an estimate. Your size would probably be 53 if your 5’5 but it also depends on your arm length and inseam.

Kid Killy,

do you run a store/online store or something?

^^No Sime, no website/online store yet. He’s from the states but has contacts in the bike manufacturing industry in Taiwan. Such factories as GT bikes and i can’t remember the rest. He is going to be moving to AUS in march and will be bringing a small amount of fixie gear at first with him, but will be bringing in alot more stuff once he settles in… Such things include. Frame/hubs/full wheelsets/650c wheels/tyres.

Thanks Gypsy. Everything you said is true except I’m from Canada.
I’m really just a fixed gear rider who by living in Taiwan for so long have made many contacts with OEMs and bike companies. Learned a lot about the industry. Also my friend just started an assembling company a.k.a bike company so I am working with him and others to bring nice but affordable bikes to Australia.

nice one