Serotta to close their factories in the USA.

Serotta lays off 40% of workforce, planning shutdown | Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Seems Serotta is closing the doors and the word is they are going to taiwan/china.

Knew this was coming

Hoo boy, V-salad and Paceline are gonna fucken melt down today.

hahaha. will defs head on over there to fill in some time today.

Sad but I foresee a couple of boutique brands may be born out of it’s decline…

Has been coming since Madfibre took over

Very sad but seriously buy fucking Aussie, I don’t see what all the fuss is over USA steel,
I’d buy Aussie or English Orr day err day
Llewellyn, Baum, Frezoni, perkins, kumo just to name a few then if I was going Os it would be English, feather and all that jazz.

Sure the USA has some mint hand made carbon but come on our locals are killing it with very little love or respect.

But the thing u love about the USA is they create their own hype/marketing they sell them selves so bloody well and it’s such a young entrepreneurial movement.

I hope this a jokes?
English = USA made
Feather = hahahah! The epitome of what you described in your last remark

USA builders being young entreneurs? in some cases, yes, but no more so than Aus, UK or even Tasmania.

The Aussie builders that you list are a varied lot, all have strengths and weaknessess, like all builders. If you think someone in another country can do a better job, why not?

*PS, I am aware of the English/English situation, but thought it might be fun to play on it.

Don’t know how this rant came out of news of Serotta closing… FWIW I agree with using Aussie builders, but the Serotta thing is more just kinda interesting, not a call for “OMG a well-known frame builder is going under, let’s support them”.
The Sydney ppl will remember that time we peer-pressured Kanye into buying a Serotta. It was awesome, then we peer-pressured him into a Parlee. He’ll claim it was his own free will, but we know differently.

MadFiber, already the shittest-looking carbon wheels you could buy, now contributing to the death of a ‘proper’ bike company. Good job, MadFiber!

I don’t really think the parent company would bother reviving the name as a made-in-Asia brand, the whole point of Serotta is the customisation and that seems the thing the Asian factories haven’t mastered yet.

There’s a lot about the bike industry you don’t know.

I still smile about how it was outed as a Taiwanese Parlee too

I heard they went out of business as they couldn’t recoup the overheads involved in making the headtube for Conan’s bike

^ Dude looks like he is doing a wheelie

It’s an optical illusion.

go on, photoshop that wheel up in the air a bit, shorten the HT to sensible dimensions…

Sorry, I’m only allowed MS Paint at work

So why did Serotta sell themselves to Mad Fibre in the first place- financial pressures obviously?

Oh my gawd. keep up horatio. this was the second ‘bailout’ after the bradway capital one, but the money appears to never have appeared. did ya even read the link?

serotta have been going downhill ever since they stopped making affordable race bikes and focussed on dentist sleds.

Wait… so it’s actually the Taiwanese Project, not the Massachusetts Project?