Settle a bet... Replacing a down tube.

So we met a guy last night that has recently creased / bent his downtube on his Kenevans track. He was telling us that he could get it replaced, which had us all wondering how much it would actually cost to do this.

Any ideas?

So what’s the bet?

A downtube can definitely be replaced (although if the lugs and other tubes are also damaged, it can get tricky). The question is whether the frame is good enough to justify the cost.

I’m assuming we’re only talking about steel frames too.

im pretty sure that a kenevans that andy sent to the US suffered a car-inflicted downtube injury and was revived thanks to some skilful welding.

i remember the shots… and the bike (it was my size).

ive def seen a number of steel frames that have been brought back to life thanks to the ‘torch’.

its cost depends on the welder and your relationship to them (as well as the replacement tubeset)… ive heard of it costing between a slab and several hundred dollars.

The bet is only a beer, and it’s more so how much it is going to cost. I’m saying around $250, my friend is saying $500-ish.

If it is being replaced, Ken Evans will be replacing the tube.

If my Ken got bent in any way you had better believe it would be getting repaired.

I’d say definitely closer to $500. Remember that a paint job will be necessary.