Shamally Pista

Campagnolo SHAMAL Track Wheelset 16 Spoke !!! - eBay (item 150486805649 end time Sep-01-10 19:03:08 PDT)

one day…

it would be nice to have them because they are pretty rare but probably not so nice having one fold in half

fold in half?

doubting shamal strength? thats a big call, i know a couple of user’s on here have them nd love the shit out of them too

Noticed this at the bottom of that listing, never heard of the brand before but the frame speaks for itself. This thing is fucking hot.

1985 ICS-DESIGN Swiss Campagnolo road bike 57.5cc vgc - eBay (item 360294468913 end time Sep-03-10 09:19:12 PDT)

i personally wouldnt use something so rare for racing or for riding in traffic, shamals are nice and i have one but it is a converted road one. i wouldnt be able to forgive myself if i broke a genuine track one.

a reputation for strength means nothing when someone puts a pedal in your spokes or when a taxi pulls out of a side street in front of you…!

i’d agree that genuine shamal track’s are too nice for the street. i’d certainly still use it on the track though!

ICS were the original Swiss bike pimps. They did 24K gold plated Super Record / C-Record and chrome plated C-Record, plus mods to SR rear derailleur geo of dubious benefit, leather shifter inlays, chain guides / catchers (don’t want to scratch your gold cranks). There’s usually a boxed groupset or two on ebay at a ridiculous price.

wowsers mctrousers, that thing is fucking amazing!!!

sold for $610US that is much less than i thought it would sell for when i first saw it

wish i had the spare money!

Fvck, I was gonna buy the shit out of them but got caught up at work and missed the closing seconds of the auction. $610 is a bargain for genuine track shamals!

why why why…arrrggghhhh

mother fucking tax refund cheque arrived in todays mail MOTHER FUCKING RAGE.

back up ladies and gentleman

Campagnolo SHAMAL Track Wheelset 16 Spoke !!! - eBay Vintage, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 09-Sep-10 12:08:07 AEST)

someone grab them, wish i could!

these are going to go cheap, finishing in 10 mins… if anyone bids i can put you onto shipping for probs about $100…

decent buyin! hope someone here nabbed em.

second times a charm…

Ha ha ha, love it.

hahah nice one coffee… do you wanna sell you track convertion’s if you own these now… super serious