Shamally Pista

good to hear someone local got them

I dont have any track conversions, I have another set of track shamals but the earlier set that dont say track on them, and three sets of road shamals, all tubular. I’d sell a road set, and can include appropriate miche hubs to convert them.


I think your Shamal problem > your Max problem.

i wish i had his shamal problem.

You can have it… for $3000 + GST

Seller has backed out, he claims that he has discovered hairline cracks in the hub flanges and cant in good conciense sell the wheels because they may cause injury or death… Bullshit, he just wants more money for them. Oh well guess I dont REALLY “need” them!

That’s where you angle to get them for even less. “Oh, well that’s a bummer, but take $100 off the price and I’ll take them off your hands anyway, and will just relace them to new hubs myself”.

I had a guy do that with a campy record headset I won for $30 or so. “Oh yeh, there’s hairline fractures that I just noticed”. So I gave neg feedback, then forwarded his abusive messages to ebay disputes. What a dick.

he must have pulled the same shit with the previous winner.

threaten to give neg feedback unless he can provide photos of the hairline cracks.

Find someone who lives in Toronto and send the seller …

“Oh yeah, a mate of mine in Toronto just lives down the road from you and can swing past to pick up the wheels and check on the aforementioned crack in person”

I don’t really know anyone in Toronto, I could ask around if it might be an option.

Shame that postage from Oz to Canada is so expensive. I’d shit a box sealed with glad wrap and send it to him.

You have to leave bad feedback for him, it may only stay up for a week or so as he’ll contact ebay and say the deal didn’t go ahead so it can’t be left but it’ll make him squirm. Then after that group together a few people who have “disposable” or secondary ebay accounts. Then bid the fuck out of all his auctions … especially early, so everyone else doesn’t bother coming back to an auction for a second look. His elation will turn to frustration very quickly and very soon he’ll be unable to sell anything. It may cost you an account for each auction … more likely, you send a message after the auction saying “a Dingo ate my wallet and I can’t afford to pay” and he’ll ask the underbidder who’ll say “not interested” and he’ll have to list them again.

I wouldn’t have anything to do with the seller. If he’s prepared to lie now he can also lie and say he’s sent them.

i had something similar happen but the other way ‘the 2nd hand stem you sold me is unsafe to use… can i have a partial refund’

a partial refund for something you claim you wont be using? good one mate.

Mental note: don’t get on the wrong side of Spirito.

That sucks Coffee. His profile should go in a special “don’t deal with these wankers on ebay” thread.

Edit: Even more so for his stupid starting bids… $107.76 $869.71 and $434.31. Has he got an excel modelling spreadsheet based on historical ebay data to figure out his starting prices or is he just a tosser?

listed as :


exchange rate…

Haha I like Spiritos suggestion, and I ate vegetarian pizza last night!

I have a very funny exchange of messages with the seller, i’ll post them later when i have time…

don’t worry bro … we tight :wink:

You are mailing me a book right?

Ummmm. Oh fuck it - my bad.

On your desk monday :wink: