Shamally Pista

ha, hairline crack… strangly enough i know 100% he isnt in it for the money. Ive heard down the grape vine this guy has been around for a while and is more interested in rare shit than getting an extra 100 bucs.

sucks that he backed out though. Would have loved to snag these for myself if i had the cash. these dont pop up very often!

umm… which is it? :wink:

He wants more money, i know 100% because he admitted it to me. He might be into rare shit but he doesnt want to let it go for cheap obviously…

if he wanted more money he should have started his auction higher

Or set a high BIN and wait.

It’s abit of a bitch he backed out, would have been a nice buy.

Similar thing has happened to me with buying a bike from Melbourne. The guy said that he took it for one last ride and broke the forks and tacoed the front wheel. Messaged him and told him my sister lived in Melbourne and she could come check it out and I still might buy it. Guy replied saying “actually it’s all ok now, when would you like to pick up?”

I have a piece of knowledge that proves this to be incorrect. I doubt I would trust a dude who first says he doesnt want to sell it for one reason then changes his mind…

You talk in riddles man, what are you trying to say? Your ‘piece of knowledge’ doesn’t change the actual exchange of messages that I had with the seller.

It does in actually as I know the new owner of the wheelset and what he paid for it.

Well why the hell did he not sell them to the MAX one, this type of crap gives me the shits.

So you’re saying he sold them to someone else for less than the highest bid on the auction, but lied to me twice, firstly about the hairline crack then about the fact that he wanted more money for them? Stand up guy…

Seeing as you know so much, why would he want to do that? Easier? Friends with the other guy? Fair enough, then why not just say that instead of talking shit…

I don’t even care about not getting them, as I said I already have a set, he did my bank balance a favour, it was his way of doing it that shits me. And you’re mysterious tidbits of information shit me too, if you have something to say on the matter, say it, don’t tiptoe around it with cryptic one liners.

/end rant - lock thread please mods