Post a pic of your favourite place to your time?

Here’s mine but I moved out last weekend so I’m starting again

no inside shots?

might be a little dangerous askin’ where people like to spend their nights :evil:

i have a dungeon - does that count?

I was thinking of starting a ‘post your bike storage/collection’ thread, I guess we could turn this into one of those. I don’t know that too many city-dwellers will have garages/sheds, however I’m open to being proven incorrect.

spent the last couple of years decking out a nice UMR ‘bike room’…surround sound,fridge,wall mounted racks for 6 bikes,persian rug (so shit dont get scratched) work stand ,nice big s/steel bench, storage galore.
along comes baby #1
new house with NO shed…yet.

All good bike people should have a rad shed set-up one day.

Its like a shrine to the “Gods of speed” with all ods and ends hung up, nice work stand, few boutique tools on a nice peg board, collection of vintage bikes aswell as posters etc…

Ill have a “Shrine” one day :smiley:

I moved from 1br apartment to a deep single car garage. Workshop is set up and there is even a separate bike room. 7 bikes so far and still a lot of room left. I made a 5 bike deal with my wife but have long broke it. She’s just jealous that her giant flatbar isn’t allowed in the bike room! Definately my favourite room in the house

after a cleanup

^ fuck me!!

Your bike shed is bigger than my apartment.

sweet orange/black paintjob on the track frame…

This thread has got me thinking about my old shed in the country i used to live in. Not really a shed, more like a warehouse myself and a bunch of mates leased. Had a full car workshop in there, 2 post hoist, no less than 8 drift/project cars being stored there at any one time. plus the bmx’s, scooters, fridge ans couches for sleeping on after 5am finishes.
fuck i miss that place…

It’s not a shed, but it is made of steel and I store bike parts/helmets/myself in there.

is is my

favourite place to your time

is is my

portable brothel?

^ I think I just lol’d for the first time

so true - check out the pimp shoes camoflaged into the floor!

Yeah, I also store my pimp shoes there.
And my hoes.

dead hoes?

They’re not dead, just under the couches lol

The cushions on those couches are removable, and there is storage space underneath. I could fit 3 cut up women in there. Or 2 live ones. Or one really BIG live one.