Shimano 11 speed prototype

Debuut Shimano 11-speed

[deploys timebomb]

Only 4 years behind Campagnolo…

[backs away slowly]

Reassuring to see that Shimano is still rocking forged alloy parts, and DA will be offered in mechanical, yeah!

That brake caliper looks a bit unique- is it still a normal dual-pivot or is it something new?

Next time I see you Dan wee are going to have a fight!!

Notice how I used 2 ee’s. It was a mistake at first but I giggled so I left it.

C4mp4gn0lo 4 lyf mang

hey look it has another sprocket.

Did someone say 11? Fuck the arms race!

I don’t understand, Shimano should have just stepped the pissing contest up to 12 speed and set the world on fire.

No passion… that’s why.

defs soulless.

Need to see the crank. I read somewhere it might have a four-arm spider which seems a pretty big change.

Its not the only Shimano eleven speed. This time with Di2 —
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Yes, it’s Alfine (internally geared). I’d love to build it into a super commuter - light SS frame, drop bars, mechanical disk brakes, tabs for panier racks and guards. Hmmmm.

beat me to it. 8 & 11 speed electronic with multiple battery options. I wonder if one is a dyno hub hookup?

CX & road discs too.

shoulda just chucked a triple chainring on the front of the Durace.
woulda pissed all over campy’s gear count then.
that calliper looks pretty kewl