Shimano R315 road shoe

Item: Shimano R315 road shoe
How long used: 3 weeks
Where used: road/street
What similar product have you used: Sidi Dominator
RRP $400/$450
Cheapest online i found was $250/$280 (have to pay a bike shop extra $50 to do the custom fitting though if you go down this road)

Was looking to upgrade shoes a few weeks ago and liked the tech that had gone into the Specialized S works but they don’t do half sizes over here in Aus, and i needed a 45.5 after trying them on.
Tried these on and they fit like a glove-plus they have half sizes here in Aus, but a 46 was spot on-I also have a pretty wide flat foot too.

They have the heat mould capability and i was told to wear the shoes in for a week or so before i had the moulding done, i thought they were comfy before the moulding but after they really do fit like a glove.

Pros: Stiff and really comfortable.

Cons: For wet weather they aren’t the best-there’s mesh ventilation in the sole and water just flows in, also for the money i would have liked to see replaceable moulds (can’t think of the right name) but the bits that contact the road when your walking.
Styling isn’t great, and only comes in the one colour option, that being white

Conclusion: They aren’t cheap, but for me tick the two big boxes for shoes, stiff and comfortable.
It’s a shoe that i can see me myself doing many comfortable km’s in, if i had the cash i’d be getting the MTB version for sure.

I also have some of these, and I like them a lot.

Seconded. I bought Bailey’s first pair that didn’t fit him and I am stoked with them.

try putting duct tape over the vent areas in the sole when riding in winter/wet weather, should keep the water out.

Or get some quality shoe covers.

this. when you have white shoes, booties are a necessity.

Wow… you sound like sugarkane.

dude, harsh.

to the OP: pictured are two different shoes - in fact, pictured are two right shoes. do you have two right feet?

^ I saw this too, I gathered one was the MTB version they mentioned.

Was meant for LOLs. Y’see I’d say booties were a necessity if it was raining.
It’s only harsh if you don’t like sugarkane, and the guy is a mate of mine.

One on the left is the MTB, or M315.
I’ve got the M183, I think they are a step below - I chose them because they are a bit chunkier, look like they will last longer - great shoes.

Edit: Also, the new comer, cycling express has M183s at better price than wiggle:[](

this. when you have white shoes, Garmin and carbon are a necessity.

Now he sounds like Sugarkane.

Interesting all the Campagnolo and SRAM fans are riding Shimano shoes… interesting…

when either of those companies make decent pedals, we can talk.

incidentally, i have all three brands on my bike at the moment. rice, pasta and, well, SRAM.

How about we go with rice, pasta and spam?

i was trying to think of an american equivalent. maize?