Shimano Ultegra RX Derailleurs!

You beardos must be high-fiveing each other, right??

lol max 34t what year is it

Duh Hari, you just need a tail hook lengthener.

How many watts will my $300 ceramic clutch save though?

Why would I buy it off eBay when I could pay triple that on a FB buy/sell page?

This is why I stay at FOA

Da fuck is a Shadow RD+ clutch?

wot is this thread about

Every day we get further away from fixies

The future, you wouldn’t understand.

Disclaimer: I don’t really understand either.

Shimano advanced to the feudal age.

Come off it hmc, we all know you are rocking what, a 11-42t cassette these days?

i consider this tantamount to libel and i will be pursuing this in the relevant courts.

where did these rumours start? Biggest cassette I’ve ever owned is 27 and even that made me feel ill.

Surely your shitbox shogun had at least a 32t

Straight block 11-23 or gtfo hmc!!!

Not sure if serious…?

shadow = RD sits inboard of frame (to help with not bashing into stuff)
plus = added clutch mechanism to the shadow series derailleurs to minimise chain slap

21 you philistine!

…and it’s as clean as a whistle.

Dead serious. But thanks, that clears things up…or confuses me more, one of the two.