Shimergo or Will my x speed shifters work with a y speed mech and a z speed cassette?

Huge pile of data:
Excellent summary article


Updated with more cross-brand compatibility

Shimergo/SRAMergo compatibility tables:

Pitch/cable pull measurements:

Zinn on 10sp SRAMergo (He’s wrong though, it doesn’t work):

But, C10 cable pull isn’t linear:

Shimano / Campagnolo 11 speed interchangability

For MTBros, you can mix&match dynasys/sram

Convert a 10sp zee to pre dynasys cable pull

Use sram 11 sp road with sram 10sp shifters:


Campy 11 speed shifters and Shimano mech with a shimano 10 speed cassette, using the “hubbub” cable routing trick shifts bang on, crisper than 6600 ultegra shakes.


If your combination won’t work, they sometimes refer to a Jtek Shiftmate, but the link’s stuffed.

Here is the correct link below…
Jtek ShiftMate

I know Spirito has used one of these in the past and I’m using one now with Campag 10 speed shifters mated to Shimano 9 speed drivetrain. They work great. Endorsed!

found these on Yahoo auctions here in Jap. Custom Campag pulleys to change the pull to 10spd Shimano.

More than $30 but if it works, neater than a j-tek.

Very clever.

How cool is that! Shame it doesn’t go down to 7spd. Although i can tell you that 7spd chain and freewheel does work with 9spd derailleur.

awesome link Blakey - cheers

Just made this thread a sticky.

The guy only has ones to Convert 10 or 11spd Campag to 10spd Shim listed, though I guess once you’ve done the maths and have the template its not that hard, although interpreting the google translation of the page is.

“Ultra Shift Ergopower 10s in Kampa
is a transformation that can be used 10sRD Shimano pulley.
Usage is the same as the (blue) EQUAL-PULLEY # 1. Use the EQUAL-PULLEY 09 Kenta ur Ergopower state was not fully convinced but become Shimanyoro. That there is an error with respect to the amount of pull quite a Shimano STI When I measured I know. I’ve created so that small errors so. Produce more than one bid is so terribly expensive and produced in one, we sell the extra ones. Insert inner wire is made ​​difficult if not removed from the handle bracket. Kentauru is only 2009 have now caught confirmation”

Updated with more cross-brand compatibility links in the first post so you can check your combos.

MikeD is successfully using C10 shifters & S9 mech/cassette with “hubbub” cable routing.
DaFrog is going to setup C8 shifters & mech with S7 cassette. SirKev has also done this.
I’m going to setup C11 shifters & S9 cassette S8 mech shortly.

The hardest bit is setting up the F derailleur IMO.

I’m combining a recent Veloce shifter with ‘powershift’ with a shimano top pull Cx F der., the veloce shifter ‘micro indexes’ on the way up, but just one shift on the way down.

Getting the up shift to go far enough but not too far in each ‘micro-index’ but still not rub is proving fiddly combo of limit screws and cable tension - but to be fair I’m coming from bar end shifters which have plenty of front der trim.

I may end up just going with a Campag F Der and putting the pulley back on my CX bike.

must… resist… urge… to be smartass… and suggest… use of campy derailleurs…

good links. agree that front is difficult to set up

There’s plenty of reasons to do it, but they fall out of regular road bike setups.

For me it’s integrated shifters with no exposed cables on a 9 speed setup.

Also -> campy don’t make a 11-32 cassette do they?

Fair enough.

You could also use current gen 5700/6700 levers too right with the last limited off?


Well not without shiftmate…

I’m confused…

check the original link on page one.

10spd shimano cassettes aren’t spaced the same as 9spd ones.

10spd shimano shifters pull a different amount of (less?) cable per ‘click’ than 9spd.

Unless shimano have changed all the shift cable pull ratios. . … ?

Maybe you could use the new Shimnao 11spd to shift a 9spd cass.!


As Mike said, it’s the cable pull differences that cause incompatibilities (or unintentional compatibilities).

So for my wide range 9 speed setup, I can use a long cage shimano mech with 11 speed campy shifters and it all plays nice. If I used 10sp shimano shifters it wouldn’t index as the mech would move a little bit less than required with each click.

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Ah I see. I thought 10-speed and 9-speed spacing was close enough that it was ‘okay’.