Shimergo or Will my x speed shifters work with a y speed mech and a z speed cassette?

‘Okay’ won’t cut it here H, you should know that.

I like the idea of mixing groupsets just for the hell of it, and to confuse people.

Just setup 10spd veloce shifters onto 8spd shimano rsx on a mate of Rolly’s bike.

Shifts and works well.

No faffing, almost exactly just like setting up an all campag or all shimano drivetrain.

yup. bewdy.

Hubbub cable routing works perfectly.

11 speed levers
10 speed cassette

Shifts better than ultegra 6600 levers did.

plus 1

Did Campy 10 shifters and RD with 105 9 for a time, worked fine with a tweak of a limit screw.

2.8 pull lever x 1.48 ratio mech = C10 sprocket spacing of 4.15mm.

Shimano 9sp sprocket pitch = 4.33mm. ~0.2mm out per click, worst case is 2nd and 8th gears which would have been ~0.6mm out if you set 5th to be bang on and 1st & 9th are set by the limit screws.

Alternatively you could have Hubbub’d a shimano mech with those shifters to get: 2.8 x ~1.6 = ~4.4mm, close to the 4.35mm spacing of shimano 9 cassettes.

I’m running 11spd chorus ultrashift into 9spd shimano rear now with good results.

and got my shimano CX70 top pull derailleur working well with the 11spd chorus LH shifter.

Its nice to ditch the pulley thingy.

Blakey/MikeD - question for you.

I’ll be running Veloce 10 (powershift) levers, KMC 8 speed chain (shimano), SRAM 8 speed cassette, shimano 8 speed MTB derailleurs. I take it everything will go well, subject only to any unpredicted FD/powershift issues.

But I’m wanting to put a 10-speed double MTB chainset on it. Will this be ok? My thoughts are that while the 8 speed chain will be a bit fat it should run ok (really not so different to 1/8 chain on 3/32 chainring?). I would have thought the only problem would be trying to run a 10 speed FD with 8 speed chain - with the chain more likely to rub/catch inside the derailleur cage. Thoughts?

Everything will be fine, until it isn’t.

You may need to do some creative limit screw setting / cage profiling because you don’t have ultrashift to trim up and down and the mech leverage ratio will be different to a campy mech.

The 10sp rings are closer together, should be ok, perhaps things will rub, why not just use a 10sp chain? Wippermann are boss and their quicklinks are superboss. Plus, strong!

Also, MTB crankset on a 73mm BB bike? Or 68mm? Your Q will be overly wide, and likewise your chainline will be further out.

This^^. And sometimes the things that should (in your mind) work just don’t. I’ve ended up with a Sora 8sp triple front mech as the best solution for my c10/s8. Tried double 8sp mech and Campag compact 9 speed but both worked terribly.

Thinking I might go to a 10sp chain for that tiny bit of extra front mech clearance…

I have a couple of old MTB mechs you can try, I think I’ve read older MTB/Alivio mechs can work ok.

If all else fails I have a Compact Chorus mech which you could run with a clamp on pulley, I ran that with 24-39t rings and it shifted well.

It’s 68mm BB and 135mm rear spacing. I figured Q would be a bit wide - but thought I’d give it a shot because I’m wanting to run 38/24 chainrings. Road compact won’t quite get the gears I want (wanting around a 20-100 gear inch range with a 11-32 cassette), and I was hoping to avoid going a road triple (I’ve got Veloce double levers in any event).

Would a 10 speed chain be incompatible with the 8 speed cassette?

EDIT: and thanks Mike, I’ll probably be hitting you up when things get ugly!

chain will be fine, it’s narrower on the outside, not the inside.

Given you’ll spend a lot of time in the 38 unless you’re climbing off road, the chainline will be awful in the 38-low gears.

Got $$: Sugino OX601D compact+?
Medium: Newer road triple crankset using middle/granny only, bashguard on the outer?
Budget: Old square taper triple crankset using middle/granny only, bashguard on the outer?

26:32 is really low. Are you MTBing or loaded touring?

I never knew that about chains. Thanks.

Chainline should be ok because I planned to space out the BB to 73mm - albeit big Q factor.

Those Sugino compact plus sets are pretty rad - do want, but pockets aren’t that deep unfortunately.

Yeah it’s gonna do some touring. It’s also gonna do some trail riding / XC, which is why I was thinking MTB components in the first place - wide stance will be good there. I guess a compromise has to made somewhere for a bike that wants to do everything.

So… what Campy shifters would I need to run if I wanted to run a SRAM rear derailleur (Apex or Rival), Campy front derailleur (Centaur) and a 10 speed SRAM wheelset? Preferably 9 or 10 speed. According to that Zinn link it’s possible?

You would need 11sp campy ergos, a shimano 8/9/10sp rear derailleur and hubbub cable routing.

SRAMergo doesn’t work. The above however, is flawless.

Hmmm. If I was planning that type of money on shifters I’d just go with a full SRAM groupset.

I’ve got a question for the gods of mix-n-matching components.

I have a Shimano 10 sp group that I want to switch to a bike with a Campy rear hub. I see that Blakey posted a link to a Wheelworks page early in this thread that suggests that this could be possible, with both Campy/Shimano components being 11 sp: » Shimano and Campagnolo 11 speed cassette compatibility – Handbuilt wheels

Problem is that my Campy cassette is 11 sp but Shimano group is 10 sp. I’d like to avoid buying a new wheel/wheelset with a Shimano rear hub, but maybe a Campy 10 sp cassette would solve the problem?