Shimergo or Will my x speed shifters work with a y speed mech and a z speed cassette?

not quite … you’ll need a J-Tek shiftmate #1 Jtek ShiftMate

Given there’s so many shimano cassette hub and wheel options (and by selling the campy wheels you should end up in front) it’d make sense to just get a wheel to suit.

You have a campy spline wheel and an 11 sp cassette and a 10sp shimano group?

A C10 cassette won’t solve your problem. (Unless you get the Jtek#1)

  1. Buy a shimano wheel (freehub) and 10sp cassette/chain and don’t kludge what you aren’t willing to fudge. sell campy wheel.

  2. Buy 5800 levers/mechs, sell shimano levers/mechs, use with C11 cassette forever/until you get a shimano11 wheel. sell shimano 10 gear

  3. Buy Campy 11sp levers/mechs, sell shimano 10 gear

What are the wheels? Can you swap the freehub body?

Just get a Shimano freehub rear wheel…

Cheers all, looks like the easy way is to get a new rear wheel, possibly a whole wheelset. If I’m lucky I’ll end up swapping my set for a shimano compatible one. I do have a set of Shimano compatible Alex wheels that I can chuck on that bike and wait to get a bit lucky. Posted something here a couple days ago but so far no luck.

Blakey, your suggestions are alternative options aren’t they (i.e. not a whole process in a chronological order)?

WCP: I’ve investigated your suggestion, but my local friendly wheelbuilder tells me that I may be better off finding a shimano-friendly rear wheel. Wheels are Campy Scirocco CX.

piritoh & soratio: yep, new Shimano-friendly wheel seems the easiest.

You can get a Shimano freehub for those wheels mate, even though Campy

Jezza, yes, but it’d mean delacing wheel, relacing with new hub, and it is likely I’d need new spokes as well. I’m not a wheelbuilder, so let’s add labor on top of this, and it becomes a little too exxy/complicated.

Nah, I think he’s saying you can just replace the freehub bit, not the whole hub. I just won a Campy freehub to fit on some Mavic wheels I have that currently run a Shimano freehub.

Thanks for the heads-up Pete, this is new to me. You did it, what’s the pros & cons?

*Edit: looks like I can do this myself with what I have at home (I do have a shimano 10 sp wheel which I can take the freehub body of) by following this:

Workshop: Changing a Freehub Body | Bicycling Australia

Yeah, you can buy sirrocco’s with a campag or shimano splined freehub, whether the freehub is an easily found spare part and at a reasonable price is another matter.

Might not be that simple, it has to be the exact right model of freehub body, i.e one made for a Sirocco hub with a shimano spline.

Sorry to burst the bubble.

Hey Mike, you beat me to it, but I’ve got a Shimano freehub body at home and I’ll try installing it on my Campy wheel.

definitely worth a go, I read your post as being your gonna take a freehub off a shimano hub.

Haha, no worries.

If I understand well the link I just posted it sounds possible. Here’s what they say:

You will see a whole lot of teeth on the inside of the hub. These, along with the pawls on the freehub body make up a ratchet system to engage the wheel when pedalling, but disengage when you stop pedalling. The teeth and pawls are similar across all manufacturers’ freehub bodies (Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo). The only part that changes is the pattern of the spline on the freehub body itself.

hah, suuuuure, a chris king freehub will just fit right onto a mavic hub, and an industry nine one will fit a shimano hub…

That is a huge call. The more correct statement is ‘some freehubs may be interchangeable between brands or models from the same manufacturer, but most won’t, perhaps you’ll get lucky!’ Different axle types, hub bodies, bearing sizes and counts… even campy’s own factory wheels have different freehubs for different level wheels in the same model year, let alone varying years!

Look at them all!
freehub body | |

This is the part you need:
Campagnolo Freehub Body For Shimano 8/9/10 Speed - R1134955 (Low End Wheels) |

Fulcrum/Campagnolo Freehub Body for Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11 Cassettes, 12mm Axle - Harris Cyclery bicycle shop - West Newton, Massachusetts

Campagnolo Freehub FH BU015X1 9 10 11 Speed Sram Shimano | eBay

How to swap:

Thanks for all this Blakey, this is great. Agreed that quote is a huge call, somewhere else they temper that call slightly, saying that their method is good for Shimano/Campag/Sram but not sure for others. Worth a go in my case as I want to stick a Shimano freehub body on a Campag hub. I’ll report any success/failure :slight_smile:

Fulcrum/Campy will sell the appropriate freehub for your wheel, just make sure its the right model (year included)

So, I’m absolutely ready to have a go at some Shimergo experimentation.

The new De Rosa CX is spaced at 135mm, and there aren’t a lot of Campagnolo options for 135mm, at least none that are in my price-range. My entire stable is Campagnolo so I want to try to keep to that vibe if possible #becausepassion.

I’ve found a nice upgrade groupset for the road bike (which is long overdue an upgrade anyway) and as such can move my entire 10 speed mix-match Campagnolo groupset onto the CX which I’ve already built the Shimano 8/9/10 speed wheelset for. The Shimergo chart reckons that an old Campag rear mech (which Daytona fits into as it is 1999-2001) with Campag shift should match well with a 10sp Shimano cluster. So I guess I’ll find out if it does indeed work in a few weeks. If not then there are other options as I do have an old Shimano rear mech lying around.

Did C11 to S10 (hubbub routing) last week. Works an absolute charm.

Checking in: nearly 10k kms on my C10–>S8 and going strong.