Shipping NJS from Japan or alternatives

I’m getting a new bike…and my first thought was try to get something similar to my last bike, so going with an aluminium frame…and i’ve seen a few (potentially a second hand Dodici or Cinelli). But for a similar price I could buy the components that i like and get an NJS frame, which would be different to any bike i’ve had in the past…and gives me another go at building a bike.

so was looking on ebay etc, and came across a bunch of NJS frames from Japan, price was ok, but wondering if anyone has ever ordered any frames from Japan and what the pitfalls are?

Or…are there local alternatives…for example, is a colossi (from Gear) that good? weight and build quality?

^ Colossi = good.

Shipping stuff from Japan is the best. Efficient and fast. May cost a bit but will arrive safe and quick

+1 on these guys. Great communication. Great packaging. All the photos, and details you need in their listings.

I’ve bought heaps of stuff from this eBay store in Japan, prices are good and descriptions are spot on… postage is done with care but not always super fast

^i wouldn’t say pilgrim pack with care, my vivalo turned up with the bars hanging over the top tube. still, they have good shit, ive bought many a thing and will continue to

^ Hmmm, yeah cool… I’ve not bought a frame, but I enjoy the Japanese newspaper around the chainrings.

I kind of want a Njs again

Ask Henri how good that stuff smells.

I ended up going Dodici…but that pilgrim website is awesome!

Next frame will definitely be an NjS!