Shoesies - MTB. Need input

Hey Guys,
I have had the same cycling shoes for about 5 years now. They have done me proud. Similar to these but older. My cyclist buddies all rag on my for not having roadie shoes but theses do everything I want plus you can still walk around in them or hike a little bit if needed.

Just got back from a cycling trip in Laos and I think it’s time for a change. These things seriously PONG now. I washed them and they still reek! I am looking for some new kicks and wanted to know what you guys are using etc. I prefer the mountain bike style where you can walk around in them with ease. I don’t want to spend crazy money on them but around the 100 - 150 would be acceptible.

thanks in advance.

walkable two bolt?

specialized tahoe
giro republic

Lots out there, your foot shape will drive which style suits you.

THe basic shimano models do the job, are cheap and you can walk in them. They look like riding shoes, though, so you will probably think twice before going out in them

Depends on a couple of factors.

  1. Are these serious MTB/DH? then stick with what you’ve got, they’re good for that. But they have bugger all ventilation, number one reason why your shoes stink.
  2. Are these for XC MTB/Commute/basic roady duties, then I’d look at some of the lighter/better ventilated MTB options. Shimano XC60 is going really cheap right now, $99 AUD, and it’s a great shoe.
  3. Are these really for walking around in. Might want to look at courier type shoes, ie Chrome Kursk SPD.

Also try plenty of shoes on, as fit, weight and stiffness of sole will be your deciding factors after reading your brief.

that’s the model I forgot, the RT82. walkable, not mtbable.

This is what I was referring to: | Shimano M088 SPD Mountain Bike Shoes | Offroad Shoes
Nothing fancy but they do the job

Thanks for the responses guys. They will be for commuting/touring stuff more than anything not downhill or anything like that.
I think the ventilation point is key. These ones smell like cat piss :). Ever since I got caught a long way from home in the pouring rain one day and they got soaked through.

AL9000 is MTBable meaning that they are no good for mtbiking? I know it most likely is but just checking.

Will have a look at some and try them on first. Thanks for your input, suprised I got this many replies already.

yeah M088’s are good as the sole is pliable and you can walk for ages. shame that when you pedal it feels like you’re riding in thongs.

hey quass the RT82 shoe at9000 was talking about is a road shoe with a very basic tread on the bottom so you can walk on smooth surfaces, but don’t bother riding them in an MTB situation, as you’ll trash the shoe in no time.

note the different treads.

Slim minimal, slick tread on the RT82.

Lots of tread, overbuilt, heavier shoe XC60

have used the RT 82 or similar, fine in urban situations.
they are quite slippery on wet tiles/lino but my current Spez full MTB shoes are similarly slippery on wet tiles.

they are walkable but not great for kilometers or standing about heaps cos of limited cushioning, maybe a softer insole would help with that while still having a stiff(ish) sole for pedling?

Other options:

Five Ten - Raven - Nevermore Black - A guy at work has these and wears them around the studio.

I picked up some superseded Bontrager MTB, carbon soled, shoes for next to nothing off ebay. They fit true to size, after wearing both Shimano and SIDI.

If you are happy spending $150 go for the Giro Privateer and you’ll be happy together ever after. Use them for basically everything I do on a bike and love them. And I know I’m not the only one.

SPD sandals or GTFO

But seriously, I’ve been wearing a pair of MT32s for about 3 years and as a commuting/city SPD and they are great.
As other people have noted, for actually MTBing this type of shoe suck balls as they have a flat sole with no real grippy bits. So not great for mud, gravel or wet rocks.
Shimano call them a ‘leisure’ shoe, so maybe good for when you’re rocking the ‘leisure’ suit.

Also have a pair of Vans Warners which are are similar style of shoe and look more street/urban.

Like Ezy I’d be looking to 5:10… tho’ probably not the black ones. They look like specially made orthopaedic shoes.

Teva Pivots and Giro Chambers would have to be top of my list for a shoe that work really well and don’t look rediculous.

But at the end of the day its all about the shape of your foot. Cos if you’re like me and have dainty little numbers I only look at Giro, Sidi and a few others. Can’t wear Shimanos, Bontragers or Northwaves cos my feet shosh around in them.

As for cat piss smell in shoes. Everyone gets that if you ride in the wet or in the heat. Chuck a generous amount of Baking Soda in them and that does a damn good job of fixing the stink. (been meaning to post that in the n00b tricks thread). The Baing soda, combined with vinegar does a great job of getting rid of the plastic taste in water bladders, as I found out on the weekend.

If you just want some shoes that will work with SPDs but not look like SPD shoes why not try and track down some Chrome Truck Pros?

I’m 15mins away from purchasing m088 shimanos, are they really that shit? I’ll be commuting >10kms and occasional 30km rides… got turned off chromes after a few friends cracked the sole, but I’ve equally heard some good things, chrome’s can be had from Gear Brisbane on a regular basis, ask for Jesse, he sorts me out

would, should - will!

anyone used these? I cant decide if they’re hot or not, sh-ut70

I’ve have had 4 pairs of shimano, and never had an issue with any of them, great quality for little cash. just think you can go better than those, for not much extra, and the quality steps up pretty quickly.