Shoesies - MTB. Need input

in saying all of that, my current shoes are shimano’s flagship. super stiff carbon sole, light as a feather. complete overkill for my needs but fark me they’re nice.

How’s the aroma?

I’ve got two pairs of M088s and not had any issues with them. They’re not fancy but they’re cheap (any of the WA crew remember WA Salvage?)

smells like rapha chamois cream, expensive wooden…
actually it smells like new car for the first ride, plastic and clean

We’re kinda lucky as we have more shoe options today than I can ever recall. I’m a big fan of 2 bolt Spd MTB style shoes for the road and there’s plenty about that are a little softer in their styling and simpler aesthetically without compromising function & fit.

As with everything else, all feet are different so try & find the right shoes for you.

check out the mavic cyclo tour or the cyclo tour sport

Tried on some Bontragers last night and they are ok but don’t fit my foot that well. As far as a shoe you can walk in, they felt slippery and like the sole was plastic not rubber. I could get used to them but will look at other options. I really like the look of those Giro Chambers and the 10 -5 or whatever they are called on the other page.
I have been patiently waiting for the SPD sandals to appear. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I have the chrome Kursk shoe without the clip. I have had them for over a year and I really can’t get into them. They are not comfortable at all (for me) and feel like they have a lump in the sole on both shoes. The top bit near the heel digs in like a mofo as well. Its getting better as I wear them more but that stuff should be comfy within 1 or 2 wears, not 30 wears. If only Macbeth made cycle shoes. I love them for street shoes so much. I have had the same model in different colours for the last 6 or so pairs of shoes I have purchased.
Trying on shoes at lunch. Will let you know.

smells of rich mahogany

nice! They go alright?

don’t want to hijack this thread but yeah very nice. I’m going to write up a review and chuck it on the review thread section. Check out the other colourway, all pearlescent cyan blue. Crazy.

Yeah, they are pretty sexy boots. Looks like they are over 300 bucks

I think that would be a very very good idea.
Mavic yellow vs Shimano cyan yeah!

I have the black Giro Privateers with the gum sole. Got them for about $130 shipped off eBay early last year. The right buckle has been a bit shit (the spring needs fixing / replacing), but it still works and I’ve had no other problems with them. I use them for daily commuting, road riding and CX.

Great shoes those. But how is the grip? the sole on my Gauges are very hard. Fine off-road but a bit slippery walking around on polished floors.

I’ve had no problems on wet tiles and wet roads. I don’t go sprinting along the tiled hallways at work or anything though.

I have the gauges and the privateers.

privateers have a softer tread and so grip better, but they are heavier and dont feel as stiff. used the gauges all last cx season but have nearly torn the strap off at the intersection between the plastic and the shoe-flap so they are on light duties only. havent had a chance to use the privateers at full pace but what ive done so far has been positive.

the giro buckles do like to release in crashes :frowning:

oh and shimano cyan IS the new mavic yellow (see:vos/van der haar/albert). those shoes are seriously rad.

I guess I’ll weigh in. I tried on a bunch of shoes and these are the one’s that fit my wide® feet best. They’ve always worked well. Sole seems plenty stiff but I don’t really have much of a comparison.

Specialized MTB Comp

Yup, this is what I run. I have very wide feet and these fit me very well, buckle hasn’t failed in over a year of use of MTB and commuting use, when given a wipe down they still look brand new.

But OP is wanting something that you can walk in and these are okay at that job (I chucked a frisbee around in them on the weekend) - but there is better out there for more comfort when not riding.

I tried on the specialized Tahoe last night and thought they fit my foot really nicely. They seem like you could rock them as a normal piece of footwear easily as well. Still trying to find other brands to try on. So many options.

If your foot fits wide fitting shoes strike the Giro shoes off your list. Probably can remove Mavics too.