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So basically, I keep eating shit and breaking my arm when I skate. My Mum’s over it, and is offering to buy me a fixie to keep my mind off skating for the rest of the year (im in yr 12). So what’s the 411 on bikes off the shelf? My friend has a bianci concept and says they run good. I could, on the other hand, keep building, but I’ve only got a frame, and have been unlucky in sourcing parts. I’ve also got this I-want-it-now ideology.

What do you guys think about shelf bikes? Like if i wanted to buy a bianci complete or something? Parts are so expensive, it seems like an ideal solution to me.


You realise that ‘shop bikes’ are also made from ‘parts’ right?

In general, you get what you pay for. Pick your budget, then go looking in shops.

And…search the forums here…there are seemingly endless threads about off the shelf fixed bikes.

yeh just check out the complete bikes forum section. people always posting stuff to sell there. off the shelf bikes are a good way of getting into fixed gear riding. once you realize its your thing, you can eventually build up your own lil gem from different bits and pieces.
btw… im selling a complete one in there thats brand new, throw an offer my way if you like what you see and we’ll sort it out from there.

Make sure your mum buys you a good helmet too.

a nasty stack on a fixie mashing at over 40km/h and you’ll be laughing if you get away with just a broken arm.

say it with me - Gen Y, oh why, Gen Y.

set a budget, get a bike. or build one. ya gets what ya pays for.


One of my old boss’s used to say he was waiting for another recession to sort out Gen Y - although it would appear to be taking longer than he would have hoped.

I want my mum to by me a new high end bike…

lol, how much did your mate pay to get his concept?

Get a BMX.

If your budget is what it is, I find it hard to understand why you have been unlucky in sourcing parts to build your frame? I bought a frame on Wednesday, have been getting parts this weekend and through ebay…and it should be ready by Friday (and no, I’m not building myself)…so the want-it-now thing sounds to me like you just want a brand spankin new bike off a showroom floor hehe…

My boss always gives me shit for being gen Y, even though I’m really on the cusp of X and Y given i’m closer to 30 than I am to 21…and I used to get defensive but I’m starting to see where he’s comin from…

nothin wrong with a spankin bike off the showroom floor dude…

nope…nothing wrong with that at all, in fact depending on what the bike is used for i find it incredible that ppl spend what they do on certain components sometimes. anyway…that wasn’t really what i was trying to get at…but nvm. just hope that he appreciates that he’s being given a bike just to get him out of skating.

i suppose a bianchi concept is probably cheaper than microfacture surgery haha

i personally ain’t a fan of off-the-shelf KHS/Se lager etc. Unless you’ve bought the frame and spec’d it yourself. Which i am planning to do very soon with an FBM!

Other then that go old school steel, looks so much cooler and so much more rewarding riding your very own vintage pony! :mrgreen:

What he said. I’m personally enjoying building my bikes a lot more…feels much more rewarding and on top it…you learn a load in the process…then there’s the satisfaction of knowing that no one has exactly the same thing.

i guess something to consider is buying a complete bike, riding it a while, and changing the components…but then it’ll probably end up costing a bit and making you wish you’d just built your existing frame in the first place…

If you are looking for a bike to actually ride get a KHS Flight 100 - I reckon they look sweet, nice frame that you can upgrade components on later.

No good if you just want it for bar-spin work though, unless you replace the fork etc.

Talk to Evan at Cyclic in Flemington (AKA “The mad hippie” on these forums), he sometimes does deals for forum members.

putting on my pissant hat: if you’re under under 30 you’re definitely gen Y. the cutoff is around 1976 or 77, depending on which social demographer you talk to. just about every older gen Y i speak to tries to pass themselves off as X, but I cant work out why. maybe cos us gen X’ers are just so much fucken cooler. thoughts?

I’m over 30 and I don’t care. Being cool is over rated.


It’s no longer cool to be Gen X…especially in these times of GFC, where the X’s are entirely at fault. Feel sorry for the kids who are coming out of uni and trying to find work this year with the way things are looking. I think every older Y tries to pass themselves off as X because of the huge gap in attitudes between the younger Ys nowadays…But anyway, back on topic.