Any ideas for some nice shorts for riding? I prefer them over bibs in woody environments but don’t like the baggy MTB stuff. Most of them are just too wide and too long for my taste. Without chamois please as they mostly dont fit right anyway. I rather either wear my bibs under them or my chamois infested underwear.

Ground effect or Rapha.

I have both, rapha have a better cut and are more comfy for me, but ground effect are made better and have (and will) last longer.

Rapha doesn’t have pockets which irks me a little too.

Similar pricing.

I’ve got some Swrve WWR shorts that I wear around and ride in. I like them. I haven’t tried Rapha’s or Ground Effect (but I have plenty of other Ground Effect gear), but would trust MikeD’s recommendations.

Creux or ground effect

I guess we are talking Raphas Touring Shorts? I own a pair of Creux but the pad just doesnt feel right. They are also very heavy for all day riding.


anyone sprung the $$$$ for that kitsbow gear?

+1 for Ground Effect.

I’ve got three pairs of the SWRVE shorts and wear them everywhere. So comfy and cut specifically for cycling.

…which of their shorts are we talking about and do you guys order them in the US or in the UK as per link above?

I’ve got the WWR ones. Handle light showers well, dry pretty quickly when really wet. Can’t remember which site I bought from, but I’d say it was the cheapest one.

I got SWRVE ones in london and they’re pretty nice. (these ones: swrve — Lightweight Regular Fit Shorts) Not my favourite for riding though. The fabric isn’t stretchy enough in my opinion, and tends to bunch up a little in the crotch.

My ultimate favourite shorts are Chrome Unions ( Lightweight, super stretchy, built in all the right places, dry quick, look good. Would recommend over the SWRVE any day.

Got Chrome ones, but the Folsom, and I love them. I hardly notice them while riding, they are comfy ass, and are the first pair of shorts where I actually made use of the U-Lock holder. Best I’ve ever owned so far so thanks for the hint!

I’m on my second pair of royal shorts. I use them for downhilling, survived being dragged over many a rock, and they are nice and baggy so they’ve got good ventilation so you don’t end up in ball soup

Thread dig. Need to get some new casual shorts for summer. Does anyone stock the Chrome (or Swrve or Creux) shorts in Melbourne? Would like to try on prior to handing over the fold.

Surely you could get the Creux ones pretty easily?

EDIT: Saint Cloud and Jetnikoff stock Creux.

I’d sell you my Creux size M if you are interested.

cactus, for shorts and pants. i will stop saying it now, just had to get it out there one last time.

Bump, 2 years on, hopefully FOAers have come across some new gear they like or some further long term reviews.

Im currently using some PI bib shorts under some TLD Connect entry level mtb shorts. The draw string on them is annoying me so after a year i figured its a good time to look for an upgrade.

Im considering shorts with padding but from what ive read, and from what the guys i ride with tell me, its no where near as comfy as riding with bibshorts and shorts on top. Unless someone has come across something recently?

Riding is single track both up and down, so pedal friendly, no drawstrings is my only real wants.

Have my carts ready on some of the TLD gear, mainly their skyline shorts, or maybe the Ace/Skyline Race, or some of the mid teir Fox stuff.


I love my rapha touring shorts. They are the perfect cut with just the right amount of tightness/bagginess. Only downside is very limited pocket space.