Should I buy this?

Fixed Gear/Single Speed Bike. Fixie. Kawahara Indi 500 | eBayIm bidding on this at the moment. How much do you estimate it going for? Im in desperate need of a whip so noone better outbid me! :mad::smiley:
I hope to get a bargain if indeed its a quality frame etc. opinions??

“Lovingly restored” huh? I don’t want to think about just where those handle bars have been…

ah shit i just realised its not even a track frame…

100% WOTPOS.

Has the forum just regressed to 2008 today?

Why are people still bidding on conversions?

EDIT Found a better cool-hwhiiip!
What do you think of this? gefsco fixie track bike single speed fixed gear | eBay
Is it a good buy? Can someone identify the wheelset?

Please stop calling them “whips”. This isn’t the Indiana Jones forum.

Anyway… It seems like a good buy. Ditch the half-link chain and it’d be way better.

The wheels look pretty good whatever they are.

I think it might be someone on here that is selling it.

whips for going whipsssshhh when going wheeeely fast to do skiiidz! yea nah but really this is the first time ive heard of this frame builder and unsure what wheel/hub combo is going on in the pic seller seems not to know. can someone advise me please.

If it is a Gefsco, it would have been build by Geoff Scott (GEF SCO, geddit?). Quite a few people rate them pretty well. If you used the search function, more than one result for Gefsco would have come up on here, even as recent as December 2011.

As for the wheels, they look fine. What more do you want from them? They don’t look cheap, they actually look similar to my Campy record hubs (which are stamped Campagnolo Record).

The auction quite clearly states that they are Zeus hubs laced to unknown rims. The rims look like Deep-Vs to me, but hard to tell.

In that case, that’s pretty damn good. Zeus were te Spanish Campy or something.

Jump on this sweet whip!

In that case, that’s pretty damn good. Zeus were te Spanish Campy or something.

Jump on this sweet whip!

Gefsco looks good Broz

Half link chain wut? Oh, and no chance you’ll get it for $500…

Oh I can only try eh. Thanks Dice! I have my fingers crossed it doesnt go too high for me to afford!

That gefsco didn’t sell last time it was listed. $500 is a real possibility.

The guy won’t sell the gefsco for less than $800
Scott already asked.
So I’m guessing he’ll bid it up

Do you know what size frame you need
That’s a 56sq only asking because you asked about my Bridgestone and its only 53

my last frame was a 56 but ive ridden my friends gfs mercier which is 53 if im not mistaken and it wasnt uncomfortable. im 5’7

D00d, at 5’7", I wouldn’t go over 54cm. And 52 would be more in your ballpark. 57 is just ridonkulous, unless you lurrrve your saddle slammed on the top tube.

Please ignore these comments if your legs are 4 foot long.

Broes, I’m 5’7" too. I ride a 54cm TT and its pretty good for me with a 100mm stem. 53-54cm TT is my perfect size. Make sure you go by TT sizing as opposed to ST. Track bikes often have short STs to allow for shorter headtubes (agro geo)… you get me?

yeah bro i was going by seat tube measurements. what size would be best for a track frame for me, my last frame was a 56st and my nuts were real close to the tt. maybe i should go for 54 sq and just raise the seat more if needed?